[GB] GMK Noire

I could have sworn I’d seen a post on here about this already, but I didn’t see it when I went to look. Anyway - check it out!

This looks to be a very sleek keyset inspired by Film Noir, Art Deco, and maybe just a little bit of Bauhaus or Vienna Secession, too - especially with the novelties and deskmats. (Anyone less rusty on Art History than myself able to more concisely pin the style?)

I’m a sucker for a well-balanced neutral set, and I quite like the look of this one.


Yep, it’s an instabuy. I like supporting Marcia and Apiary Keyboards. Plus, the set is stunning.

For those who haven’t followed the GH thread, you might be thinking it is just like GMK Nines, but it’s quite different.

Nines is dark gray and greige (gray with undertones of brown).

This set is black and cream. I think this color combo will look stunning on almost any keyboard (at least something neutral like black, gray, white, or polycarb).

My delimma is… which Salvun cap should I get???


Same here buying this set as well. Great to support apiary :slight_smile:

Amazing find.

Really like the Novelties on this set.