[GB] GMK Paperwork

“Hey Peter, what’s happening? Yeah I’m gonna need you to come in tomorrow, Sunday too. We lost some people and sorta need to play catch up. Okayyy”

Paperwork was created as a homage to the office keyboard and environment. A chance thought while watching the movie Office Space (1999) inspired the initial thought. Contrasting the colors of hi-liter markers and post-it notes to the classic beige/grey tones that were common in decades past, a simple and visually stimulating set was conceptualized. Thankfully, GMK was willing to take on the task in producing a set with 13 custom colors - and with strong community input, the set was expanded to include support for several 40% boards.

Paperwork can be purchased from the following stores:
TheVan Keyboards



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For folks in the US it is $2 cheaper from Evan than from Jack once you account for shipping. I checked so you don’t have to :+1:

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I really really like this set! It’s a shame that its only for 40’s, but i’ll still be picking it up.

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awesome job, thanks a bunch for adding the EU proxies, will pick this up for sure :slight_smile:

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This looks awesome Evan! Definitely considering jumping on this

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I might be missing it, but how long is the buy?

March 18th

just a friendly reminder that today is the last day for group buy pricing :slight_smile:

Ok I purchased another one lol

@evangs would you mind combining orders #5201 & #5251 ?

done, thanks so much for the support!

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@evangs i dont want to cause you any further ruckus but If order #5010 hasnt shipped yet could you ad order #5245. Sorry

sure thing!

You are awesome :star_struck:

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Just a little update.

GMK is in the process of invoicing the proxies.

They have received the color chips from me and are beginning the color match process

GB pricing will remain in effect on https://thevankeyboards.com until I receive and pay the invoice. Once I pay GMK the price will increase to $135. I anticipate receiving the invoice in the next couple days so if you want in at gb price, place your order soon.


Invoice has been paid. Delivery date on the invoice shows as 7/1/2019 or 1/7/2019 depending on where you live. I anticipate the color matching process to go fairly quickly since we had plastic samples to provide rather than matching pantones. Next post will hopefully be pictures of sample caps!


Got these in this morning