[GB] GMK Pono

Hey! Welcome to the GMK Pono Group Buy

Pono is a combination of Pink and Mono, which coincidentally is also this mischievous kitteh’s name.


Base (Please note second 2.25u Shift will be added to base)


Colors - Dark Grey (N9) & Pink (3C)

Hiney will be running OG Spacekeys Round 2 soon, will feature N9 spacebars.


Pitter Patter



Rama Collaborations
Grey Kitteh - Dark grey anodizing with pink enamel fill
Will be first Rama cap to feature two levels of milling

Rose Gold PVD Geo Kitty


US - Dixie
CA - Deskhero
EU - MKB.eu
AU - Daily Clack
Asia - iLumKB
China - zFrontier
Intl - zFrontier

Phillipines - Rotobox

Will add links to proxies as they go live.

The set will be running July 17th to August 14th


Big thanks to Dixie and crew for taking on this project, put in a lot of work and time with me!
Necro’s @ MKeu - Big love and respect!
Kate @ Rama
Bottom Klunk <3


I’m ready for this set!

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Copy / pasta from Dixie on Geekhack

Numbers update! I was hoping to have day one numbers, but not all proxies updated until like day 3-4, so we don’t have accurate data for that. But this set has had a great start and we can confirm that all kits will be made already since extras will be added at the end.

Here are the current numbers with some vendors out of date.

Standard - 178
Novelty - 159

Rama Gray - 219
Rama Rose Gold - 114

Pitter Patter Deskpad - 90
Ponogon Deskpad - 39
Pattern Deskpad - 32

Cheers :smiley_cat:


Last few days, pre orders close this Friday Aug 14th!

Some current numbers, not all proxies updated.

619 - Standard
511 - Novelty
RAMA Gray - 610
RAMA Rose Gold - 332
Pitter Patter - 323
Ponogon - 119
Pattern - 106

Some lovely work by Mr. Janglad. Pono Base & Novelties on Bauer X by DixieMech

Thank you so much for the incredible support and kind words! <3


got in on this for the novelties, edit: [pongogon] mat, and rose gold rama for my kid. I was going to get the base kit but she wants the jtk night sakura.

Appreciate your support! :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the slick caps

Last day for Pono!

Due to the overwhelming support this project has received, I would like to refund someone’s base kit, and Dixie was gracious enough to match this. So we will be refunding the cost of 2 base kits

Thank you all so much! <3

Some numbers for today, with a few vendors not updated.

Standard: 807
Novelty: 642

Rama Gray: 723
Rama Rose Gold: 408

Pitter Patter Deskpad: 383
Ponogon Deskpad: 135
Pattern Deskpad: 125

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I’m new here so not sure how to DM if possible…
But I was wondering if there’s hope for a R2 in the future, and even maybe even more colorways? (Black on Teal?)

Also, hope you’re doing ok!

not quite teal, but maybe take a look at gmk phosphorus.

and jtk night sakura is still in interest check i think.

awesome appreciate it! I like that color way on phosphorus, def a little more “vibrant” than a muted teal that’d fit in the sorta color palette like the pink here but it’s sick!

i really love the theme T_T

night sakura is sick too! I may get that for myself instead of my gf :slight_smile:

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I jumped on this set, love the colors and the RAMAs. I pre-ordered from Mechanicalkeyboards.com, I should be good right?


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Wow… :sweat_smile:

Yeah, hoping to have better luck with DixieMech and not using paypal.

I think we might see this Sour set this time. :wink:

I’m in it to win it!

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Closed out with some insane numbers. Thank you all so much!


Keycap Kits
Standard: 2041
Novelty: 1563

Rama Works® Caps
Gray Kitty: 1398
Rose Gold Geo Kitty: 752

Pitter Patter: 988
Ponogon: 333
Pattern: 304


Wow 2k is big time numbers, congrats!

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