[GB] GMK Shoko


Well I’m gonna keep it short: GMK Shoko has started and you can grab it at Kono right now (proxies will go live sooner or later) and the group buy will end at December 17, 2018 and the estimate on when they arrive at the warehouse will be June 2019 (at least for Kono). I will also keep you updated when color samples comes in… and pray that the samples are spot on with the colors and that there will be no delays.

Also thanks everyone who is joining this and the support, as much as I was kinda in the dark a lot of that time, I hope you stay supportive and hopefully we can hit MOQ (which is 250 for the base kit btw and 150 for the add-ons)!


Group buy link/proxies:
Kono (NA): https://kono.store/products/gmk-shoko?variant=12331061313636
ZFrontier (Asia): https://en.zfrontier.com/collections/keysets/products/gmk-shoko
MyKeyboard (EU): https://mykeyboard.eu (will update group buy link later)
Daily Clack (Oceania): https://dailyclack.com/collections/keycaps/products/gmk-shoko

Base Kit

Add-On Kit

Spacebar Kit

Extra renders

[IC] GMK Shoko

sorry if you answered this before, but do you think the colors will look more like the gmk kit pictures or more like the renders? the alphas in the renders seem significantly brighter


I would like to say Janglad’s renders (first four), but that could just be my monitor as well, so take that with a grain of salt.


nice, those i like the most :smiley:


The KonoStore add-on kit has a Keebtalk key (cute!), but the add-on kit above doesn’t. Which one is correct?


Thanks for catching that, that was an older render!

Also proxies will start later due to GMK pricing error, but good news is that the price will not go up, so I will keep updated hopefully on Monday about the proxies! Thank you for your patience.


Just hopped in the group buy! How’s the MOQ going?


I’d like to know too. MOQ reached? If not, Santa’s gonna have to make some last-minute adjustments…


Does the base kit include a 2u shift? I wish the keys were size labeled.


Using my highly-scientific method of holding a ruler up to the monitor, it appears that yes, there is a 2u shift—second row from the bottom, second from the left.


Thanks. I did try eyeballing it by bringing the image into Photoshop and superimposing two 1u keys over it. It does seem likely that the shifts in that row are 2.25u, 2u and 1.75u, but I want this for a specific board and it would be annoying to lack the one key I need to make it work, so I just wanted to check.


No prob. Other option is to compare it against the backspace.

What’s the board?


It’s a board that uses the DZ60 layout with arrow keys and a 2u shift. I have 3 boards with this layout since I like it quite a bit, but it makes finding keysets a little tricky.


Any updates on MOQ?