[GB] GMK Vaporwave

Note that I as the poster have no relation to the GB beyond wanting to see all kits hit MOQ. This is being done by NaturalPack (on GeekHack). Original GB source can be found on GeekHack: [GB] GMK Vaporwave (July 1-August 2, 2019)

GMK Vaporwave

Inspired by glitchy aesthetics and holographic anime propaganda. This set comes dipped in lavender and an indigo purple, topped with neon pink and bright aqua legends.

Group Buy from July 1 - August 2, 2019

Color Sampling: end of August

Production: ~ October

Shipping: ~ November.

Available at


Base Kit

Hiragana Kit

40’s Kit

Novelties Kit

Spacebars Kit

RAMA Artisan


White Background Reference

Renders by Clavier

Novelty Designs by biip


No problem with sharing this! Any time you want to share a group buy you’re not running you can categorize it as “Sharing fun finds” which I’ve done for you. With that said, this colourway doesn’t appeal to me but I wish it and the designer all the best as it’s a refreshing scheme!

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This is a big heck yeah for me, those novelties are :fire::fire::fire: