[GB] GMK Wasabi

Looks awesome! Will any extras be available?

I don’t think OCo will have any extras, but there should be some extras on zFrontier, MKEU, and saw it up on mechanicalkeyboards.com as well :+1:

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Awesome, thank you! I just placed an order on mk.com, does that guarantee me a set?

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Should be the case, yes! :slight_smile:


Some slightly better photos today. Did a little write up on my Insta about it.

Conclusion - Lighting was too intense, angle was a not the best, and overall was a little rushed. Hoping these do the set a little more justice, not that they are astonishing or anything, because I am by no means good at photography, one day, maybe… Also some accents! :smiley:


Looking good! Excited to get my set.

@Sour do you know if mk.com was ever sent any sets? I still haven’t received mine and the date keeps getting pushed but as far I can see all sets have been shipped. Starting to think I’m not getting these caps.

I am in the same boat mate. I understand the delays with all that is going on, but this getting pushed back the day it is supposed to be delivered is no fun.

I am genuinely not sure if mk.com will actually have any sets to send out.

I have seen sets in the US, so I am not giving up hope just yet.

@r4bbl3d4bbl3 @5thoughts I don’t have any details pertaining to mk, they picked up some sets from OCo, and that they had some up for pre order. Have you guys tried to reach out to them? I see it’s been delayed a few times from their site

Yeah, I picked mine up on the preorder from them. Figure it will arrive at some point. Initially, I was going to put it on a prebuilt board, but I won a GB for a custom case and have to wait for it to be manufactured.


Shoot them an email and ask. They will have more info than me :+1:

They finally got back to me and said they are still waiting to get their shipment, said their best guess was mid August. I wonder why they are getting theirs so much later than everyone else.

It sounds like they got them from OCO so it is adding another step in

Yeah, I got the same response.

Sucks that it’s taking so long, at least you got some info and replies though. Just hold tight for a little longer. Our hobby is one of patience if nothing else :sweat_smile: @r4bbl3d4bbl3 @5thoughts

Cheers mate! No doubt about that. Thanks for the sick design btw!

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Note to self: don’t order GB items from mk.com. Just got a cancellation email and a refund for this set.