[GB] GMK WoB/BoW Icon Extension kit (Live 23/07-31/08!)

Renders courtesy of fellow swede MacSurfy

WoB Lumina by GreenwaldDesigns

BoW Prophet by CableCarDesigns

WoB + BoW accents TGR Alice by Yuktsi


WoB Icon Kit ran initially in 2016, this is one kit a lot of people, including myself, have been waiting for to be ran again.
Extension/Compatibility kits are in right now, so why not give it a go? :cool:

GMK WoB is more or less readily available through multiple vendors, but the fully fledged WoB base kits all feature text+icon mods. As some have come to know about me, I live and die by icon mods - this is a must have for me, and I assume many of you as well! BoW has also been added due to the big amount of GMK Minimal (CR+WS1) lacking icon mods. It may also serve as accent keys.

The kit

It features support for most layouts, omitting the bottom row as the available WoB sets have modern compatibility already. Colors are CR and WS1.
Control is also omitted in icon form, as that would require a bottom row that uses icons to make sense, and Control R3 is featured in the aforementioned WoB kits.


Live - 22nd of July - 31st of August
Expected delivery - December 2019

Pricing + Vendors:
EU: Mykeyboard.eu - 56 Euro
US: Cannonkeys - 54,99USD
Asia: KBDFans - 59,90USD

MOQ: 150


MOQ Met, and less than a week left of this GB!

Make sure to join so that you donโ€™t have any regrets, like Iโ€™ve had for missing out on the past WoB icon kit. :wink: