[GB] Hadron V3 groupbuy

Its finally here!

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After the last pilot run of hadron v2, I went back to the drawing board and took user feedbacks on what they wished could be improved upon. Hadron V3 has been redesigned from scratch to include some of the newest developments in the mechanical keyboard community.

There were a lot of interest in a “full sized” version of the hadron V2, which was cherry ML switches only with a 18x18 spacing. The original Hadron was designed to be the lowest profiled mechanical keyboard, and did not have room for MX switches. Since I was redesigning the V3 from the ground up, I set aside the space needed to allow for MX switch implementation without adding too much height to the overall design. The Hadron V3 is slightly taller than the V2 (at 17mm tall with choc switches and keycaps, only 2mm taller than the V2).

list of features:

  • mcu upgraded to STM32F303, an ARM cortex-M4 32 bit processor running at 72mhz with 256kb of flash

  • Multi-socket support, solderless installation for either MX (with an optional adapter plate) or choc (kailh low profile) switches.

  • USB-C with ESD protection

  • built-in speaker

  • OLED display

  • CNC aluminum mid-profile (for choc) / low profile (with optional MX plate) case

  • RGB underglow

  • Haptic feedback (yes that cellphone-like rumble can now let you know that you are at the actuation point)

  • lipo charging circuit (for future expansions

  • Optional MX switch plate set:

This set will include a bead-blasted stainless steel top plate, and a laser-cut brass spacer to add heft to the board for those who wants to use only MX switches. You may use MX switches without these plate, especially if you want to mix and match MX with choc switches, but they will only be mount to the PCB and will pull out easily. The switch plate set will be screwed in from the top and for conversion to a low profile MX board.


  • HadronV3 barebone kit (everything except switches and keycaps) - $255
  • MX plate set - $25


This is a tentative timeline, but as the nature of group buys, there may be unforeseeable delays. I will do my best to ensure that we meet this goal.

Group buy: 1/27 to 2/24

Manufacturing: 2/27 to mid-May?

Sorting, testing and final assembly: mid-May - June

Expected ship date: June 1st

updated with images :smiley:

looks pretty sweet! good luck with buy

Glad to see this! Was definitely the most interesting new development I saw at the bay area meetup.

What kind of expansions? I take it there won’t be another V3/V4 wave whenever expansions are released?

not too sure yet, toying with the idea of ble module, but haven’t found a good way for implementation. the charge circuit is there on the board though, so if you want to run your ;we blue module you can.