[GB] Handmade Leather Keyboard Sleeves for 60% and TKL - Made in USA

Carolina Mech + Jack Foster Leather

Custom Handmade Leather Keyboard Sleeves Group Buy!

TKL and 60% sizes available. Leather options: Horween black, Horween brown or camouflage pattern.

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TKL: $80 + Shipping
60%: $70 + Shipping

Each sleeve is lined with canvas, and has thick padding to protect your keyboard. The flap has two push button snaps to secure the board.

See more photos here and here.

60% bag should fit most 65%. TKL size bag will also fit an Alice.

Group Buy is open from Feb 15-28. Invoices will be sent out on March 1. Checkout will be through Shopify on CarolinaMech.com. You will have 24 hours to pay the invoice.

Lead time is 4-6 weeks for production. MOQ is 8 bags per color. These are hand made in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.

Order Form

Additional info on the Carolina Mech Discord.


OH damn these look pretty clean and decent, although with those prices, I’m sure only people who want/appreciate leather stuff might be fans. Canvas lining is a nice touch too.

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They do look very nice. I can imagine this would be good for holding a secondary board that you don’t want to get dusty. I always have something I’m experimenting with and a more “main” board sitting on my desk. This way, I could put the “main” board in an attractive case and not worry about dinging it with a tool or another case. Hmm… or do I need like 20 of them for the boards to my right on shelving? very curious. Next would be to brand them with the board name…

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It’s definitely a premium material for a keyboard sleeve! The Horween leather we are using is expensive, then they are also hand made in the USA. If we end up selling a lot of them I might be able to drop the price a bit.

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I had talked to the manufacturer about doing a velcro patch that can be custom lasered, but just wanted to keep the GB simple for this first round. If you are interested in several of these, put your username in the notes on the form and we can work out a discount!

Last week for the GB, so get your order in if you’re interested. Invoices will be out in March!


Last full day for the GB. I will be sending out the invoices tomorrow evening and will close the form then. I decided I will be invoicing shipping separately when they are ready to send.

Shopify Invoices are out - please check your spam folder.

Thank you!