[GB] Healios, Zealios V2, Zilents V2, Rev 4 Zeal60, etc


Looks like fun time incoming!

P.S. My cat would love to help you out with those bases. Man, I have to have everything in a bowl and protected. She even gets in them still sometimes and fishes one or two out to play with.


LOL, don’t feel bad I have an English Mastiff that loves to bother me while I’m modding switches. He has sent quite a few batches flying with his tail or ramming his head into my side because I’m not paying attention to him! So I definitely can relate. The only reason I’m doing it so open today is my little brother is here to keep him company while I at least get the switches lubed. :relieved:


So I’ve gotten a little bit of time in with my 78g V2s & they are the real deal! A big jump in tactility compared to V1 Zealios, but not at the expense of the smooth rounded bump they are know for. Also these are much tighter than V1s giving a big reduction in wobble. I think @TaehaTypes summed it up best on his review when he said “this is what BOX Royals should’ve been”. The V2s bump is very apparent, but not jarring or sharp in any way. You can easily keep from bottoming out with V2s unlike most other high tactility switches I have tried. Overall these are very comfortable switches to type on IMO. In fact you really get the best of everything with these. High tactility that isn’t jarring in any way, the trade mark Zealio smoothness, & very low wobble. I’d say @Zeal really hit it out of the park with these! :metal:


Just got a notification that my healios from Zeal have shipped. Looks like things are starting to wrap up.


Glad you’re digging them! Couldn’t have put it better myself.

I also got a notification about my V2 Zilents shipping from MD today, so I’m looking forward to upgrading the keyboard I’ve got at the office!


I’m usually not a fan of silent switches. but after trying these new V2s, I’m interested. This bump may be great with a softer bottoming out.


Have all the orders been sent out? I still have no shipping notification from buying via zeals own website.


I’m pretty sure I heard Zeal made changes to the rubber bumpers so they have a bit softer feel than V1 Zilents. Definitely a switch I want to check out sooner than later also!


Yep, @TaehaTypes’s Healios review covers this a bit.


I don’t have a shipping notification either for my Zilents, so I’m guessing he’s still working through the orders.


Remaining silent switches are being delivered today. Anything containing 67g Healios, 67g Zilents, 62g Zilents that hasn’t shipped out will be shipping out this week.


this gonna be good, thanks zeal!


Where do I find milky stabs like that?


My order consists of a Zeal60 R4 PCB and Zilents 65g, I’m guessing the PCB isn’t ready yet so I haven’t got a shipping notice for my order?


Will be shipping over weekend. Sent out a bunch of Zeal60s on Friday, more will be packed/printed on Sat.


They’re the stabs that shipped with the K-Type; @HaaTa might have more specifics, since I’m not entirely sure.