[GB] Healios, Zealios V2, Zilents V2, Rev 4 Zeal60, etc

Received lots of PMs, emails, etc, so let’s start with a classic forum GB:

As many of you may have known, I sent out quite a controversial newsletter this morning. :eyes: Status updates and new pictures will be posted here.


I expect to receive samples either end of September or early October. Will be sending them out to a handful of reviewers to experience first hand and review all our new offerings.


Why did you wait to announce this after the mass drop group buy concluded?


When does the GB end?

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To soak up that ignorant pre-order money. Mine included.

No GB end date yet, but order will be placed around mid Oct where quantities will be fixed then.

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In case people were waiting for reviews, here are two videos for first impressions & build log w/o lube.

@hineybush also did a quick first impressions review here:

Other reviewers should be posting shortly.


Shit, looks like I’ll be dropping on more money on switches for builds I haven’t planned yet… :anguished:

I just dropped more money on Zelios and some Zilents

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Has anyone else who joined the Massdrop group buy gotten their shipping notification yet?


Haven’t received a shipping notification on my MD-bought V2 Zilents but got a shipping notification last night on my V2 Zealios purchased directly from Zeal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The zilents are delayed according to zeal

Hope that’s the case. Still no notification for my MD-bought Zilents. Then again, it’s Massdrop, so I guess I should expect the shipping to be delayed at least a month :V

With MD, they want all SKUs delivered in one shipment, so that means if we’re still waiting on certain switches to deliver to us, the whole bulk shipment is delayed. Basically the tradeoff when purchasing thru MD vs direct.

That being said, Zilents delivering to us today, Healios delivering Monday or Tuesday. We’ll then have everything ready to pack and ship out the bulk shipment as well as remaining GB orders waiting for these switches.


Thanks for the update! Got my V2 Zealios last night, gonna be clipping feet tonight to put them in my K-Type!

Okay, so: last night I was busy playing the new Smash, but today I took a break to rip out my old switches and pop the new ones in!



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The bump is nice and big on these. It’s a high bump, then a smooth feeling until they bottom out. Like a nicer version of the halo clears I had in here previously. Wobble is definitely reduced from the V1s I had.

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Thanks for your reply. Im excited to get my order of 67g V2’s. I didn’t mind the bump placement on the halos, but I couldn’t really feel it on the way down that much, but it was more pronounced on the way up (thats why they became holy razers, lol).


Ready for lube, then going in my Clueboard! I’ll report back later to let you guys know how it goes. :metal: