[GB]Hexgears BoxKeyboard Soda68 in store

Hi, dear Keebtalk friends.
This is our first post here and our first KS project. After a six-month run of development, the BoxKeyboard is now ready for its debut. This 65% Keyboard is not a kit, it’s well built out of the box and fully loaded with all features you can imagine. We’ve also customized some unique box switches by Kailh for the Soda edition. The price for the super early bird should be attractive up to 40% Off. Please (pre)view the page and leave some feedback. For more details please click the link [Hexgears BoxKeyboard Soda: The modern art of mech. keyboard by Bran — Kickstarter] or our store [http://hexgears.store]


forget the SPECs

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Just to clear things up, this is a real GB, right? Just the day posted was interesting.

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I am thinking the same thing, not to be rude but it looks kinda fake :joy:

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Oh, i see your doubt. We do rely on Render to demonstrate the BoxKeyboard at the current stage. This is a true onging Project. Next week come more Updates about customized Kailh switches and Oshid Keycaps. Stay tuned.

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Oh, makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

There is some footage about the early prototype has been exposed. We’ll do more videos on BoxKeyboad. First release of BoxKeyboard Soda Green prototype - YouTube

They are in store now!