[GB] IQUNIX Super ZONEX 75 Custom Kit | Flex Gasket, Thock, QMK, Flex, ISO, Knob, Wireless

Hi all, good day with good news! The Zonex 75 GB is finally here!

Let’s hit summer with IQUNIX Super ZONEX 75 Gasket Custom Keyboard Kit!
:ghost:Product Link (Global Vendors & Content Creators can be found here)

Price: from $239

-GB Date: Jul 15th ~ Aug 15th, 2023
-Production Time: September - October 2023
(The first batch of GB orders for the Chinese market on the IQUNIX App will be sent out on July 17)
-Estimated Shipping Date: October 2023

Tri-mode Hotswap ANSI PCB with RGB
Tri-mode Hotswap ISO PCB with RGB
Wired Hotswap PCB (QMK)
Wired Soldered PCB (QMK)

Plate: Aluminum, PC, POM, Brass, and FR4 Plate.
Foam: Poron Foam, IXPE Switch Pad, and Poron Case Foam.
PVD Weight (Alu): Silver, Dark Grey, Dark Chromatic.

:round_pushpin:Gasket Mount
:round_pushpin:CNC Aluminum
:round_pushpin:Screw in Stabilizer
:round_pushpin:Dimension: 346mm * 152mm * 17mm (front height)
:round_pushpin:Software: Wired (QMK) / Tri-Mode (IQUNIX firmware)

Highlight Features:
Easy to builds
Magnetic Feet
:heart_on_fire:Flex and Thock​:heart_on_fire:
Tactile Media Knob
Tri-mode BT 5.1 / 2.4GHz / Wired
Every detail is related to the overall design: Sleek Version / Texture Version

:boom:Orders within the first three days will receive one aluminum keycap as a gift.

Thank you,

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