[GB] Jelly Key - 8-Bit Series – Gaismas Kingdom Artisan Keycaps

8-Bit Series – Gaismas Kingdom Artisan Keycaps

This group buy will be closed on 3/27/2023, and please remember that we don’t rerun any group buy. 6 keycaps per order & all collections will be free shipping. Check out our fabulous gifts for this 8-bit series and a sticker for every keycap.

How 8-bit series come into our life?

The 8-bit series has generally been proving very popular with all of you – who know and use keycaps of our Jelly Key team for so long. It is now launching the 4th version, named Gaismas Kingdom, with promising creative work.

The basic casting process of this collection is undoubtedly the same as previous versions: casting and coloring. However, our artists were put under pressure to complete a mission: make Gaismas Kingdom more aesthetic – that’s the least the latest version should become.

What did our artists do? The hardest thing always comes from casting the base and the details.

A base was formed by different colour layers

The overall design of 8bit series 4 looks like a palace with many giant pillars and magnificent windows. The foundation accordingly needs to be strong and firm enough to lift the glorious architecture above. Different color layers with light and shadow effects bring us a feeling of a solid base for the whole keycap. Another tricky thing to cope with is the number and the size of color layers. It usually takes a day or two to finish casting the base without any mistakes. If there is a mistake, there is another day to cast again. Unfortunately, mistakes are sometimes out of the control of our artisans.

Lots of details that are tinybut require a higher level of art

The design is highlighted by a neat row of windows with a classic style inspired by European architectural style. Every window is a masterpiece with a vivid color effect. Our craftsmen spend most of the time to best describe these magnificent windows. However, we never forget other details which are also crucial parts of the keycaps. More than 40 details, many colors, and shadow polish techniques are the main things to completely and successfully finish this casting stage.

Last but definitely not least

After getting done with casting all details of the keycaps, the last step is to pour the outer resin layer to shape the keycaps. When it is dried, we work on surface treatment to make it glossy enough to easily see the details inside.

Raise your hand if you are inspired by both design and work behind this keycap series. Bring it home or miss it out?

Basil knight art toy & sticker

The Basil knight art toy is a complimentary gift for those who purchase a full set of keycaps (you can read at product description when choosing the options). Please note that this item is not available for purchase and is only offered as a gift.

We will put one random sticker in the keycaps box (our sticker collection with 9 characters in this 8-bit series). If you buy more than 9 keycaps, you will receive a complete set sticker (no overlap).

There are not a lot of sticker sets for this group buy (we print and cut by ourselves and they will be limited to those who place orders first.

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This is the last day of “[GROUPBUY] 8-bit Series: Gaismas Kingdom”

This group-buy will be closed on 3/25/2023 and may be close sooner than expected. Please remember that we don’t rerun any group buy. Six keycaps per order & all collections will be free shipping. Check out our fabulous gifts for this 8-bit series and a sticker for every keycap.