[GB][Jelly Key] Retro TV series – Galaxy Thieves artisan keycaps

Retro TV series – Galaxy Thieves artisan keycaps

  • We will put one random sticker in the keycaps box (our sticker collection with 9 different arts).
  • Stand boy will be a gift for orders of more than 6 keycaps or you can buy them separately .
  • Every big art toy TV (x77, x32) or full set 1u will receive a full set of stickers (9). Please read the description below the option.
  • All product photos are real, not 3D render, and our keycaps are handmade, resin casting with multilayer colour, not 3D printing products.

The largest base than ever

It seems we can save a lot of time by casting the base with a larger size, but we need the same time as other series to get each piece of the base dry: 16-24 hours. Other than that, we even spent more hours casting many layers of the base with tons of colours so that our team could perfectly put these pieces together with other details of a complete retro TV. Besides, elements such as circuit boards or speakers require extra concentration to have a realistic design.

After all, the components get done, we have an opportunity to show our excellent skills in assembling all parts for a firm base.

Working on details inside always brings a hammering heartbeat

There always have lots of characters inside in almost keycap designs, as each of them is an exquisite picture that our team desires to draw. And we expect the design in every collection brings you new enjoyment of art, so we always try to create new but more brilliant ideas in upcoming versions. We also do that in the Galaxy Thieves keycap collection. All characters and details are changed in comparison with their previous versions. However, the casting process remains the same. Each piece takes twice as much time as we normally do (around 8 hours on average to dry). Regards colouring, if the first layer doesn’t dry completely, it can be mixed up when applying the second layer to the mould or even be damaged as it’s not dry enough to stick to the mould. Therefore, we try to do it quickly but under the control of being careful and meticulous.

An outer case is not as usual

A final step is making a cover for keycaps. If other collections need only one resin case to cover all parts of keycaps, the retro TV series require double.

The first outer case takes 16-24 hours to become dry entirely and then goes through the process of surface treatment. All colouring effects are cast in this layer. And challenging work comes from how to make the cover firm enough to secure all details inside and make the shape look like a realistic retro TV.

A crystal case is also a must for this keycap design. It helps to create stronger protection for inner parts and plays a role as the TV screen. We try to bring you an incredible view of the scenery on TV through the crystal screen

This group buy will be closed on 11/12/2022 , and please remember that we don’t rerun any group buy. 6 keycaps per order & all collections will be free shipping.



I don’t have a place in my budget for a piece of premium desk art (that isn’t a keyboard) - but this is the first time I’ve genuinely wanted one. These all have so much life and character, and the starry night one is just mesmerizing.

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We will close the GB of “Retro TV series – Galaxy Thieves artisan keycaps” the next day, sooner than expected.

This time we have big-size keycaps, like an art toy. Check out our fabulous gifts for this Retro TV series, a sticker for every keycap and a stand boy display gift per 6 keycap orders. And please remember that we don’t rerun any group buy

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