[GB] JELLY KEY - Zen Pond II – A Story of Everything – artisan keycaps

Zen Pond II – A Story of Everything – artisan keycaps

This group-buy will closed at 11/2/2019 , and please remember that we don’t run any group-buy again. 6 keycap per order & all sizes or all colors will be free shipping.

Maybe you do not know about the origin of Eden !!!

Back in the early days of 2018, at that time, Jelly Key was in the time of exploring and researching for the new effects to create the new keycaps bearing Jelly Key’s own impression. Day after day, sometimes last for months, we always tried to find out the best way to create the best effects for our keycap. Finally, the final result just worth for the Jelly Key group effort – the Eden effect of was born, an important milestone for our following keycap generations: Arowana, Zen Pond, Meditation Gems, Poring Ghoul, Zen Pond Spacebar/Enter/Shift, Dragon of Eden Enter/Backspace/Shift. and the latest is Koi II: A story of Everything is introduced to you in the group buy this time.

The first time the Eden effects was the Jelly Eden artisan keycaps set with 6 main color groups, each color included 4 different shades. The color rays that you can see on a finished product are a process of trial and error, the colored rays have different deposition times, different waiting temperatures and color fusion. When we launched the first keycap with Eden effect, our group spent a lot of time to be able to produce the harmonious effects and colors on each keycap to each customer but still guaranteed the same color, each customer keycap has a unique effect and imprint and does not repeat on any other keycap.

Jelly Key is the first keycap making group to bring Eden effect into keycap, which has been loved and supported a lot by you, our lovely customers. Just as Eden of Jelly Key has inspired other keycap makers to create extremely stunning keycap, with completely new shades always gives you surprises about the new keycap model.

Let’s see the new Eden on our new Koi II keycaps!!!


  • SA R1 1u – Esc, F1-F12
  • SA R3 1.25u – Ctrl, Alt Fn, Win
  • SA R3 1.5u – TAB, | & \
  • SA R3 1.75u – Capslock, Left Shift
  • SA R3 2u – Backspace
  • SA R3 2.25u – Left Shift
  • SA R3 2.75u – Right Shift
  • SA R3 6.25u : Spacebar


  • MX stem
  • Backlit
  • Design and Handcrafted by Jelly Key

Group-buy information

  • Open time: 10/25/2019
  • Close time: 11/2/2019
  • Starting to Deliver after Groupbuy: 90 days

We could close the GB sooner than expected. So take your chance as soon as you can.

What is in the box ?

  • 1 Zen Pond II A Story of Everything by Jelly Key.
  • 01 Medal dog-tag with engraved unique series number.
  • 01 Wooden box.
  • A unique serial number is on the bottom of the keycap as well.

Side note

  • The keycap was made entirely by hand and tool. The final product may vary from the original photos but at acceptable aspect. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differents.
  • Due to the random effect of the color background created from “magic” ink – we kindly remind you again that what our artists can control.
  • With each artisan keycap from Jelly Key, we offer you a one-on-one replacement if there is fault that causes by our artisan team. Feel free to contact us.
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I will close this groupbuy on next 20 hours (10:00 PM 10/28 GMT+7), very sooner than expected. We want to keep our man for another design. Please remember that we don’t run any group buy two times.