[GB] JTK Sora

Looks pretty nice imo, consider checking it out. $90 base kit which is pretty stacked.

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I think I will grab these. I like both alpha kits. Kind of rough cause I am interested in [IC] ePBT 6085 - GB starts April 15th. Pricing added! too. Too many things I like lumped together.

I have heard that JTK is pretty delayed. These might take longer than a year…

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Yeah JTK is delayed atm, hopefully they get their stuff together. ePBT is a good option if you don’t want to wait too long. I heard their lead times were 6-8 months.

One of the rumors I heard was that JTK doesn’t have their own machines, and that they “rent” from other manus. :man_shrugging: Supposedly that is why their sets are few and far between.

I dunno about that I remember hearing way back when that they had discarded gmk molds but I don’t know about that either. I thought they had their own line, but just like one so much less capacity than say gmk. I remember hearing about red riot and how the keycaps all came together and it was the first and last jtk blanks set because their process for sorting was manual and some dude had to kit the blanks by row by hand.

Fwiw I’ve been very happy with the jtk sets I have, especially the later ones after the first few when they ironed out some of the issues. Imo they’re like 90% of quality of gmk usually for less than 90% of the price

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I have been pretty happy with JTK sets. Initially it was very apparent that it is not up to par with GMK, but I think over time I have really come to appreciate them. You usually get a lot of compatibility for the money, price is good, and I don’t think they shine as fast but that could just be me…

I think JTK throwing the Bbox60 cases into the mix slowed things down as well. That and they just finished the Tianwen set that was commissioned by the Chinese government – who knows how many thousands of kits they sold domestically, let alone internationally.

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