[GB] KAT Napoleonic | Final Day of the Group Buy!

KAT Napoleonic

Inspired by early 19th century history. Optimized for affordable language compatibility.


On the Ninth of November, 1799, a coup d’etat overthrew the French Directorate and replaced it with a new government: a Consulate to be led by General Napoleon Bonaparte. Just a few short years later, he would be crowned Emperor. To say his rise to power ruffled a few feathers across Europe would be a gross understatement. While he is credited with bringing about positive reforms to the legal and governmental systems of France, his legacy is one tainted by costly, bloody wars across the continent.

Those early decades of the nineteenth century, from Napoleon’s rise to his death, roughly mark the Napoleonic Period, an era that left indelible marks upon the face of Europe and the world. KAT Napoleonic is a keycap set in the KAT profile that explores the history and artistic depictions of the Napoleonic Period.

Core Features

  • Neoclassical Typeface
  • Multilingual & AltGr Sublegends
  • Wide Affordable Localization (21+ Language options in base alpha kits)
  • Mods in Three Themed Colorways: French Indigo, Russian Green, & Austrian White
  • Alternative “British Navy” mods for affordable TKL support
  • Multiple Peripherals including custom deskmats, USB Cables, & Coffee Mugs

Delivery Estimate
Keyreative’s official estimate for any KAT GB is 28 weeks, but they have a big backlog. I’m guessing October 2021.

MOQ Reached: All kits will be made!
As of November 30th, we have so far sold over 55,000u of KAT Napoleonic keys, meaning that the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 54k units has been reached! All keycap kits will be made, and remaining MOQs for USB cables and deskmats are very likely to be hit

Sales Stats Snapshot

The last day of this Group Buy is December 9th, so there are approximately 8 days left to preorder this custom keycap set.


Coffee Mugs & Neck Gaiters

Keeb Nerd is selling official Napoleonic coffee mugs and neck gaiters along with apparel matching other popular sets. Visit my Discord to find a discount code.




Preorders are Live NOW until December 9th!

Official Homepage: KAT Napoleonic – NoPunIn10Did


Renders: Mech27 TKL

US International (Waterloo) alpha kit. French Indigo TKL mods.
Mech27 TKL by Mech27. Renders by Manzel.

Renders: Kbd19x

US Default (Jefferson) alpha kit. Russian Green TKL mods, Russian Green Numpad kit, & Novelties.
Kbd19x by Kbdfans. Renders by Manzel.

Renders: Conone

UK / Irish (Wellington) alpha kit. British Navy Alt TKL mods.
Conone by kindakeyboards. Renders by Manzel.

Renders: Boardrun CNC

Polish-Lithuanian (Uhlan) alpha kit. Russian Green mods & Novelties.
Boardrun CNC edition by shensmobile. Renders by Manzel.

Today is the final day of the GB! Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind KAT keycap set.

Below are some bonus renders, freshly received from Manzel. Keyboard featured is the Polaris by ai03 and Kevinplus.

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