[GB] KBDfans x Biip Koala Switches


Tactile like the T1 switches. I’m not sure if the only difference between Koala switches and T1 switches are the stem and housing color.

“Tactile,Like the T1 switches” is too vague, I wish it was more specific.

I think they are T1 colored to match EnjoyPBT 2048 keyset, meaning limited production.


Your right they do match EnjoyPBT 2048 keyset. Oh, keycaps with matching switches. Is this a new trend?

62g bottom out kinda implies its at least a lighter spring than the original T1. But yeah I’m not buying these blind until “Tactile like T1” is elaborated on more.

The feels 95% like a HP claim for the original T1 was very unfounded. The T1 is a decent switch but its not like a HP much at all

They tried to do it with GMK Wavez but they couldn’t get the opaque housing so the interest on those switches dipped pretty significantly for a lot of people.

But Koalas will be opaque :+1:

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Bought because of T1 in nylon housing,
which generally sounds better then polycarb in my opinion. :slight_smile:

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Even better! KBDFans is sending me a black translucent T1 with the replacement topre caps, so if I like that I might just grab some of these! Plus being an Australian it’s hard to pass up on a Koala switch.

Let’s see how that turns out after closing down the T1s. :expressionless:

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I really hope they can find a way to get these switches made, they look very promising.

I believe that these are still going through, but T1s have now been discontinued.

Sure hope so. I joined the GB just for the PCB-mount housing.

Dang, just checked the GB for the Koalas and they are sold out. Was hoping to grab them on Friday along with the keyset.

I guess this is a case of, “you snooze, you lose”.

Hope there is another run - or maybe ill just grab some trash pandas for a bit more $$$ :thinking:

Oh what the, i thought it was unlimited… I was going to buy some on friday as well.

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Apparently they’re deciding?

Man, i wasn’t even interested in the Koalas, but it’s always sad to see a GB go under. Is there any news as to why the GB is likely getting cancelled?

well something was going on with the stealios and T1 switches, right? I mean, the T1s have been completely shut down. And these switches are supposed to be the same tooling as T1 but different color. I’m thinking it has something to do with that whole situation.

Wait what? I thought the T1s were Gateron manufacturered - why are they getting stopped?

I don’t know for sure what is going on, but when the drama happened, the T1s immediately went out of stock. Maybe some of them weren’t actually made by Gateron?? They’re out of stock with no ETA on Novelkeys too, but it seems like if they were tied up in counterfeiting, Mike would have removed the listing altogether. Maybe they are still investigating. I’m probably just totally wrong. Honestly, I hope I am.

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