[GB] Keebags - Keyboard Carry Cases (R3 IC LIVE)

Round 3 IC can be found here.


Really dig the double case idea! Will probably snag a 2x40!

It’ll be great to have you aboard :sunglasses:

Oooh! I’m always down for more keyboard bags (I have a thing for backpacks and carrying cases :P)! Gonna try and see if anyone in US is down to proxy/split shipping!

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these look dope, nice work!

Shipping to the US wasn’t too bad imo. About the same price as zeal shipping and he lives three hours from me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’ve been in touch with several vendors without much luck. It’s because of their size, it’s not viable for a vendor. However, it’s definitely worth it if a few of your peers can get involved too :grin:

Thank you!

is TKL size going to fit norbaforce?

I would actually suggest the 1800 for the Norbaforce simply because of its height. Hope this helps!

just got my order in. can’t wait to see this thing in person

Ayy, good stuff! Thanks for hopping aboard :slight_smile:

These are awesome! They remind me of the Brain Cell bags from Tom Bihn. May I ask : what sort of padding are you using?

I’m currently working on a carry brief for keyboards myself, and I’m really happy to see more activity happening in this area. What your doing would actually be a perfect complement to what I’m working on; it would facilitate carrying smaller keyboards such as an HHKB inside my TKL-sized brief without them flopping around too much inside.

Anyway, I’m really happy to see more keyboard bag options out there!

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Hi there!

It’s a simple 10mm foam liner within the Keebag but it’s overly-adequate for protecting against short drops et cetera.

It sounds interesting - if you ever want to talk more about our endeavours in greater detail, feel free to get in touch with me. My supplier has a lot more to offer over the base Keebag design.

Discord is the most mobile means of keeping in touch, Pieparker#7979.

Just a quick update… we have a US proxy! See the first post or visit ppkr.co.uk/FAQ


I love the idea of these for transportation and storage of my work boards. Would a Realforce 87U fit in the TLK sized back or would I have to go bigger?

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That’s exactly what I use them for!

The TKL will be fine, especially considering that the dimension in most doubt would have been the ‘height’ (in Keebag terms) which can essentially be adjusted with the velcro.

Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

More than welcome! Consider this a bump, too :grin:

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I’ll also be adding a few more sections to the site. First, I’ll be sticking up a classifieds for my private sales because why not? But, going forward, I’d love to know what you would like to see in the store. Drop me a PM with items which you’d like to see more of in the UK.

And of course, the Keebag group buy is still accepting orders! We have another 3 to 4 weeks of accepting orders so there’s plenty of time. As always, feel free to get in touch with any Qs.

Orders are being taken until 2nd September!