[GB] Koala Switches x Durock L7 Linears - 3DKeebs.com

Hey Keeb Fam!

Davis here with 3DKeebs! We are running our first group buy for Koala’s in both weight variants (62g & 67g) and Durock L7 Linears in 62g variant. MOQ’s are 10K & 5K respectively and MOQ status is posted on each Item. Koala’s are $5 for 10 and L7’s are $5.50 for 10.

I tried to keep them as close to cost as possible. I am asking for your groupbuy patience in exchange for a chance to save a few pennies on switches.

5% of the store’s total net profits for September will go to the Milwaukee Freedom Fund including the Groupbuy.

Please hit the comments, 3DKeebs Discord, 3DKeebs Instagram or 3DKeebs.com with any questions!
I also put a full FAQ over on the Reddit Post (Yall know what yall doing a bit more on this side of the keeb river)

I thank everyone for the support thus far! As a side note we have Gateron inks & KBD stab foam hitting the site tonight.

Be Safe, and Keep it Easy - Davis

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t there like a $.05 difference between this and the aliexpress store? IMO I dont think that waiting an extra 3 weeks for 5 cents is really all that good.

Hey @TheeMilkmen kinda right. In my experience I’ve seen aliexpress take 30 -45 days to get a product to me, also your package has a higher chance of getting lost internationally. Depending on experience you may or may not trust ali express. there are def more choices out there for both of these switches. I believe this is the cheapest price for koalas you are gonna see stateside.

Also you support a good cause and a small business :slight_smile: