[GB] Krytox GPL 225

Hi folks!

It’s my first group buy on the subreddit but I do my best to make it run smoothly for each side.

any kind of feedback is welcome

Krytox GPL 225 is like GPL 205 with some Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Rust supplementation.

Group Buy ends: 31 July 2018, midnight UTC

Group Buy link: https://goo.gl/forms/VqQV4chA8ObC15Co2

Payment method: PayPal / Revoult

Payments: will be collected between 1st and 5th of August.

Order ship out: depends on GB results, ETA max 2 weeks from 1st of August.

Krytox GPL 225 and prices:

3g = $3.00

4g = $3.72

5g = $4.50

10g = $8.10

15g = $11.85

20g = $15.80

25g = $19.38

30g = $23.10

40g = $30.60

50g = $37.00

Shipping Cost

I send packages only with tracking number and prices depends on destination country.

GLOBAL Express

  • EU 12 USD
  • World Wide 14 USD

Registered priority mail

  • EU 6 USD
  • Word Wide 6 USD

There is also a chance for a “secured registered priority mail” but the cost depends on mail value - it’s the only way to get a refund in case of losing the package in transport.


Krytox GPL 225 will be packaged in small polypropylene vials (5 or 10 ml).

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GB closes in 36 hrs.