[GB] Limited Run Solid Brass ⚔ Immortal ⚔ Keycap - Padishah Edition

This is a Group Buy for a limited run of Immortal Keycaps made out of Brass - Padishah Edition

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Price: $59.99 (Free Shipping Worldwide)

“They have served the dark will of Persian kings for 500 years.
Eyes as dark as night, teeth filed to fangs. Soulless.
The personal guard to King Xerxes himself, the Persian warrior elite.
The deadliest fighting force in all of Asia. The Immortals.”

Forged from solid metal and built to last ages, they will stand the test of time and outlive us all just like the pieces of timeless art they were inspired by. Thanks to their durability they can be a noble memento for your descendants who will become the owners of a precious fragment of an intriguing history

GB will end on 30th April.
Keycaps will be made and shipped out within a month after the GB has ended[/size]


Wah! Your artisans are soo coooool


3 days left till the end of the Group-Buy for our Limited Padishah Edition Immortal Keycap

The first legion of Immortals is ready to march out!