[GB] Lumberjack PCB kit R2

Hello Keebtalk, the Lumberjack is back for a round 2. The open source, through hole, built it yourself, 60% ortholinear PCB kit is back.

  • Ortholinear PCB for 60% tray mount cases
  • Designed to be easy to build with minimal soldering experience.
  • All through-hole components, no SMD soldering required.
  • Get that visible component aesthetic in a standard 60% tray-mount case.
  • 5x12 (split Preonic) layout, full grid or 2x2u spacebars
  • Supports both USB Mini and USB-C.
  • MX, Alps and Choc v1 compatibility.
  • FR4 switch plate.
  • €22EUR + shipping

More info: GitHub - peej/lumberjack-keyboard: 5x12 ortholinear through-hole component keyboard PCB for standard 60% cases
Geekhack GB thread: [GB] Lumberjack PCB R2 - Extras avail
Order form: https://forms.gle/7LjG9hPLcS16DDDS9

Have a nice day and be okay.


I’m excited about this one. No clue if I’ll like the layout at all but sounds like a super fun project at a low price =D
Might get two (or more) and teach my daughter how to solder this summer(?). Might even get three and save one for when my youngest is older.


Ordered. Looks great!

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I’m jealous of the new silkscreen. That and these build into nice boards. You might even be able to convince yourself that you don’t need a wood case, but I doubt it. I doubt it.


Is this the wooden case offering from KBDFans? It looks quite nice.

It is, do test fit a lot if you get any wooden case. They may need modifications in order for the PCB to fit correctly. I uh, am not sure I can get the PCB out of this case. :clown_face:


the link isnt working for me :confused: