[GB] Marble Wrist Rests 60% : White / Black / Green

Hello !

I recently opened a GB of marble wrist rests shaped by a local artisan in Taiwan. Those are natural marble pieces in White, Green and Black.

All the information :

  • Size : 30cm long x 8cm large x 1.6cm thick
    11.8inch x 3.15 inch x 0.63 inch
    Perfect size for 60% keyboards.

  • Weight: 1.1 Kg

  • Shape: Flat surface with 2 rounded angles and light chamfer on all edges. (the surface is not angled)
    The bottom surface is not polished and adhesive plastic feet are provided to stick on it.

  • Color: White / Black / Green

  • Price: $65USD + shipping (USA $30, Europe $25, Asia around $20)
    If you order several (any color), you pay only the shipping for one.
    Shipping will be done by DHL or SF Express (Asia), eventually others if countries are not well deserved.

  • Shipping date: Will be shipped in November.

  • Payment: I will send you a Paypal invoice asap and please, fulfill it within 72hours. Please, keep an eye on your emails ! :slight_smile:
    This GB is on a first come first served basis but quantities are large this time.

GB subscription forms (one for each color):

Black Color :

White Color :

Green Color :

There will also be a fourth color “Coral Pink” available in collaboration with the GMK Coral keycaps set !

Thank you for your support !! Questions and comments are welcome !


Do you have plans to make the wrist rests in different sizes?

Yes, in the future I would like to be able to offer all the common sizes (60%, 65%, TKL, split?). But I have to order enough quantity for each size.

I’m really glad you started offering more colors. The black marble looks absolutely beautiful. And I’ve told you this before but thank you so much for putting these on the market. I’ve wanted some marble on my desk ever since I saw those (apparently awful) Royal Glam ones on Massdrop years ago and nobody else has made any!

For the time being though, I’m going to wait until you start offering fullsize. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll get a TKL and use a detached numpad. But I’ve tried most of the major layouts and I’m just not a fan of small boards ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I will try to offer more colors and more sizes, but I will need to have the demand following :wink: That is really a niche market inside a niche market xD

Royal Glam tried but failed… For sure marble is not an easy material to work with :confused: Hope my wrist rests will make their proof over time and be popular.