SP color card: GEW WQ YBP

here~ https://kbdfans.com/collections/group-buy/products/virtual-war

The group purchase will end on November 19, and the goods are expected to be delivered on February 19.

The inspiration of virtual war comes from machine armour in games and sci-fi works, such as Zeke and Rex with Metal Gear, battle suit in the District 9 of the movie, etc. with the embellishment of nuclear like logo, it adds some meaning of end world war. The keyboard is just like our weapon in the Internet world. Therefore, these sci-fi elements are integrated into this design. Three colors are like three groups, which is also a common setting in the game. Therefore, three groups of personalities are made respectively. Single or mixed use has a unique taste. This set of design color contrast is bright, the support matches the column to be rich, and to the black and white gray shell is very friendly, easy to match.

Some of the smaller array displays


I like all of the novelties

Wow, thank you. I hope you like the price, too!

I agree. I plan to buy many of the kits in this set. Quite unique.

All in !

I really love the yellow on dark grey just wish it was DSA.

Man, these are really nice. Fairly priced base kit, too. Awesome!

Thank you, but please note that these prices are the suggested retail prices given by the original factory, but kbdfans has the right to make adjustments, so the actual prices are a little different.

Really wish you had options for ortho and ergo. Ortho mods are available, we made them for Leviathan. Why the choice not to include?

It’s hard for me to answer this question. I didn’t want to do so many adaptations at the beginning. Now it’s the limit for me.

@BUGER will there be extras for the Virtual War? Thanks!
Edit: typo

@BUGER It’s coming up on a year since the original launch of this GB. I vote for a re-run … can I get a second?

I’d be down to get this set if it ran again.