[GB] MBK Choc keycaps: pre-orders open!

MBK profile has been designed for Kailh low-profile Choc switches, with the following goals in mind :

  • a scooped top, with a smooth curve made to hug your fingertips ;
  • high corners, to easily find your way to the right key ;
  • flat, low-profile (why use low-profile switches with high profile keycaps?) ;
  • meet Kailh requirements, for compatibility with existing keyboards such as the Planck Light;

There are not many alternatives available on the market right now for Choc keycaps, and none of them meet the quality standards we would like to see. So this group buy is an opportunity to make them available to the community.

This keycap profile has been made in California USA by u/mburger89. After 3D-printing them, and several iterations on the different sizes (angles, homing bump, etc.), he now feels confident enough to have them produced.

Homing keycaps

The homing keycap is innovative in the sense that it is neither the usual bump, or bar or scoop. As you can see on the renders, the front side is horizontal (ie. no scoop) with a tactile ridge that your fingertips will recognize instantly.

Please note that due to the manufacturing process, the “homing edge” will probably be less “sharp” than shown in the render as it is impossible to machine such edges.

Options and details

  • Material: PBT
  • Color options: White / Black
  • Dimensions: 17.5x16.5mm (1u & homing); 26.5x16.5mm (1.5u); 35.5x16.5mm
  • Stabilizer support: as per Kailh’s specifications (2u only)


Group Buy is now live! Pre-orders will close on February 18th, and orders will be fulfilled Q2 2020 (assuming everything is on schedule… it is a group buy and as you may know, delays could happen).
Great vendors are showing their support to make this happen!

Many thanks to u/HardAsMagnets from GBoards.ca that has been a huge help with everything, (and is also selling great Choc keyboards if you are still looking into buying one!) and to u/Vorckus for helping me out with the renders!

A note about Choc switches and keyboards

If you haven’t heard the news, Gateron will be making low-profile switches in 2020 (source)!

There are other Choc projects in the works that I have heard from here and there, so there is going to be more and more alternatives to Kailh’s switches and keycaps, and also more keyboards coming up…

No more reason to skip on building a Choc keyboard! Don’t miss out on this group buy and get ready for your next project!


Here is a first render on a Planck Light, we have more coming I’ll update the thread.

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Nice looking caps! I’m excited to see this market take off a bit more.

One thing to note is your post formatting doesn’t work well here. Geekhack is stuck in the past with their bb forum shortcodes whereas keebtalk uses markdown.

Hey! Thanks for the reply!

Yes I’d like to switch to MD but I have a weird problem now… This post (my first) has been validated as is, but now I can’t edit it because I can’t add links, nor multiple images because my account is new or something.

Could you help me out? In DM maybe?

I’ve increased your trust level, you should be able to edit, add links, and images

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Awesome, this is looking much better now, thank you!

Update: the GB period is unfortunately being extended a few days because of the coronavirus spreading in China.

New end date is February 24th.

Sorry everyone for the delay and now is your chance to jump in if you missed out until now!