[GB] MDA Vision

Melgeek is running a group buy through the 15th of July for MDA profile “Vision” in PBT.

I like my MDA Big Bang a lot, and need a set of MDA for standard keebs, so I’m considering this. It has pretty good coverage, and kits. Anyone else going in on this or thinking about it? I like the base/mod color. Not sure if I’m crazy about the novelties or the accent color, though the muted tone is a nice change from the usual.


What a crazy world. Both of the Maine residents are fans of MDA :joy:


Well the other name for the profile was EDRUG…

(I’m ignoring “both”) :stuck_out_tongue:

Strongly considering this one - I love MDA and certainly wouldn’t mind another set in my collection.

Ooh cool find, I’ve never heard of melgeek before but I’ve been interested in trying MDA so I think this is for me. I think enter and esc accents are a miss, the color is too close to the mods, but I just won’t use them.

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nods… I wish the arrows had an accent color kit or option, but we can’t always get what we want, eh?

Kinda cool. I still don’t own an MDA set. Contemplated buying bone in the past. Thanks for the link!

The accent keys are a bit of a waste, but I do love the MDA profile. I will likely pick this up, thanks for the heads up!

Also, Navy text on light cream will probably actually look better in person than in renders, which is a nice change.

The huge surface area of MDA would make for a great set with sub legends. MDA Nihon was a little too stark for me though, it would have worked better with red or blue sub legends.


Has anyone compared MDA, KAT, and MT3? These three are all middle-high profile caps but I haven’t seen any direct comparison.

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MT3 is a pretty tall profile, like SA. However, in addition to KAT and MDA we have OSA and HSA profiles in the “mid” category as well.

I’d love to see a profile comparison.

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Heads up: I received a reply that Vision is to succeed Big Bone. From the Melgeek discord:

Go get your MDA Big Bone before it’s gone! (Or worse, marked up the wazoo on mechmarket)


No more Big Bone?! That does me a big sad. I’ve already got a set and I’m feeling the FOMO…

I know!! I’ve got Big Bone (and numpad and extra mods on the way) and Big Bang for my ortho, and I agree, it needs to be a continuity set. Maybe enough people will request it that Melgeek will consider restocking it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Oddly enough you can find MDA Vision on eBay even though it ran as a GB. Similarly, an MDA set unreleased in the US has also shown up on eBay:

Hooray for global Marketplaces.