[GB] Mill-Max Sockets - make your switches hot-swappable

Hope it’s ok to cross-post this to the keebtalk marketplace! Need to get some more people before we commit on March 3rd to get the lowest price. Link from my /r/mechmarket - reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/arrsty/gb_millmax_sockets_make_your_board_hotswappable/

Want to make your next board hot-swappable? You’ve come to the right place!

Product: Mill-max 7305 sockets

Join here: goo.gl/forms/WztdgORVu4zPbIco1

  • No MOQ on individual orders. We do need to reach 2500 total order quantity to get the lowest price. (Maximum order quantity that makes sense is 500. Any more than that and you might as well want to order direct and save a bit on shipping.)
  • You will need two sockets per switch, plus a few extras.
  • Price depends on total number we order (can note MOQ you care about in the form notes), plus shipping to you.
    • 500 sockets: $0.27248 + (10% sales tax + 3% PayPal fees = $0.0354224) = $0.3079024
    • 2500 sockets: $0.20436 + (10% sales tax + 3% PayPal fees = $0.0265668) = $0.2309268
    • Plus, shipping within USA: ~$7.00 USD fastest, ~$2.00 for cheapest.
    • Plus, shipping outside USA: Brief check shows international is ~$35 USD fastest, ~$15 USD cheapest. If you think it can be cheaper, communicate with me via a PM here or the “notes” section of the form to help me find the cheapest shipping service for you.
  • Payment by PayPal.
  • The GB will close on Sunday March 3rd at 10pm Central time.
  • I will send out invoices shortly after the GB closes. Unpaid invoices will be cancelled after 48 hours, then the order will be placed with DigiKey.
  • When I receive the sockets, I will pack them and send them out to you within a week.

This is my first GB so please bear with me. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks a lot if you join!

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