[GB] MKC75 PCB Gasket Mount Customize Keyboard - Full Pricing, Vendor list, Review Links and Pre-order Information Updates

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First and foremost, as MKC’s inaugural independent project, we’d like to express our gratitude for the tremendous support. We aim to give all our customers an even more excellent thank you. We are thrilled to announce that due to the sales meeting our expectations, our team has decided to include an additional bonus for this presale - the MKC Stabilizer Set. With just one week remaining until the PRE-ORDER end, don’t miss out on this fantastic pre-order purchase and Bonus.

MKC75 Pre-order Information

MKC75 Renders

MKC75 Pricing

MKC75 Pre-order Page

Pre-order Bonus for all MKC75 Keyboard: Carry Case & MKC Stabilizer Set

Pre-order Time:

From August 5th to August 31st.

Estimated Delivery:

Start packing and sending to vendors and Mykeyclub direct customers around November based on the final order QTY.

Vendor List

  • US: KeebsForAll 7 PM PDT 4th August
  • US: Cannonkeys 10 PM ET 4th August
  • Canada: Ashkeebs TBD
  • UK: Prototypist TBD
  • Germany: Candykeys TBD
  • Spain: ELOQUENTCLICKS 10 AM (GMT+1) 5th August
  • Italy: Coffeekeys 12 AM (GMT+2) 5th August
  • AU: SwitchKeys TBD
  • South Korea: Geonworks TBD
  • Singapore: Mecha.Store 10 AM (GMT+8) 5th August
  • Japan: Basekeys 5 PM (GMT+9) 5th August
  • Vietnam: MOKB STORE 8 PM (GMT+7) 5th August
  • Philippines: Zion Studios 8 PM (GMT+8) 5th August
  • Malaysia:Rebult Keyboards 8 PM (GMT+8) 5th August
  • Indonesia: KeebsMark 21:00 PM WIB (GMT+7) 5th August
  • Thailand: NTCH Keys TBD
  • Bangladesh: KeyB TBD
  • Argentina: LATAMKEYS TBD
  • Colombia: Stiutech 9:00 PM (GMT-5) 4th August
  • Taiwan: 鍵盤好貴 TBD
  • International: Mykeyclub 10 AM (GMT+8) 5th August

MKC75 Information

  • Supports Caps Lock Indicator Light
  • 100% processed using CNC machining with 6063 aluminum case
  • Compact 75% layout
  • Three-in-one structural design( Top Mount, Plate Gasket Mount, and PCB Gasket Mount )
  • Supports tri-mode PCB(Wired, Bluetooth and 2.4ghz)
  • Supports Plate, Half Plate, and Plateless Build
  • Supports Rotary Knobs components and Light Signs, wired versions are also compatible with JRIS75 wired Rotary Knob, Badge, and LED Light Sign.
  • Supports Alu Internal Weight
  • Multiple configurations available
  • 2 x 2200mha large battery capacity

MKC75 Specifications
  • Typing angle: 7°
  • Front height: 18.5 mm
  • Material: Full CNC 6063 aluminum
  • Dimension: 320*134.4*33mm
  • Three-in-one Structure: TOP Mount / Plate Gasket Mount / PCB Gasket Mount
  • QMK/VIA Supported(wired)
  • Support PCB stabilizers
  • Unbuilt Weight

With PVD WEIGHT: 1.693kg

With Alu WEIGHT: 1.425kg

  • Built Weight

With PVD WEIGHT: 1.86kg

With Alu WEIGHT: 1.592kg

Three-in-one Structure

We have adopted a three-in-one structural design for the internal structure, which can support regular positioning plate gaskets, PCB gaskets, and the long-disappeared TOP Mount structure. Thanks to the consistent frame of the compact 75% layout, we can make the three structures perfectly compatible.

What you can customize for MKC75?

Case Colors Options:

  • 4 E-coat Case: E-white, Milky White, Pink, Lilac
  • 6 Anodized Case: Orange, Black, Brown, Grey, Silver, Green
  • 7 Color Combose Case: E-White&Black, Orange&Black, Grey&Black, Silver&Black, Wine Red&Black, Deep Blue&Black, Green&Black
    Weight Options:



PCB Options:

  • Wired Flex Cut Hotswap PCB( 1.2mm, Multi Layout , 7u split spacebar, No Per-key RGB, support QMK and VIA )
  • Wired Non-Flex Cut Hotswap PCB(1.6mm, Multi Layout, 7u split spacebar, No Per-key RGB, support QMK and VIA )
  • Wired Solder PCB(1.6mm, Non-Flex Cut, Multi Layout, 7u split spacebar, No Per-key RGB, support QMK and VIA )
  • Tri-mode ANSI + ISO Hotswap PCB (1.2mm, Non-Flex Cut, No Per-key RGB, support Mykeyclub Software)
  • Wired Per-Key RGB Hotswap PCB (Add-on only, 1.6mm, Non-Flex Cut, ANSI Layout, support QMK and VIA )

Noted: The Tri-mode technical support is provided by IRISLab. Appreciate their support and help.

Plate Options:

Noted: We highly recommend using a PC/ POM/FR4 plate for Tri-mode PCB because the Brass and ALU plate will have a little affection for connectivity.

What's Included in MKC75?
  • Full CNC Aluminum Top case *1
  • Full CNC Aluminum Bottom case *1
  • Weight(Anodized Alu Weight or Stainless steel PVD Weight) *1
  • Internal Alu Weight (Only for the Tri-mode Version Case) *1
  • PCB *1
  • Plateless or Plate *1
  • IXPE Foam *1
  • Poron Case Foam *1
  • Poron Plate Foam *1
  • Type-C Daughterboard with JST Cable *1
  • PCB GAS Silicone Column *12
  • Plate GAS Silicone Sock *18
  • Top mount screw and spacer *12
  • PCB stabilizers o-ring *12
  • Footpad *6
  • Poron case strip *6
  • 1.6mm hex key *1

Gift(will not send make-up or replacements)

  • 1 Pack of Extra Screw

M2x3mm cylindrical head screw *2

M2x8mm cylindrical head screw *2

M3x12mm countersunk screw *2

M3x6mm countersunk screw *2

  • 2200mha battery (Only for the Tri-mode Version Case) *2
  • Silicone pad of battery compartment (Only for the Tri-mode Version Case) *2

Review links (Stay Tuned for More)

Content Creator Prototype
Hipyo Tech Lilac Case+Chroma PVD Weight
Simulator Tech Green Case+Gold PVD Weight
Switch and Click Green Case+Chroma PVD Weight
whnkeys - Soundtests Green Case+Gold Alu Weight
Rx003 Pink Case+Rose Gold Alu Weight
KSJ KeeB E-White&Black Case+Chroma PVD Weight
MechTech Keyboards Deep Blue&Black Case+Blue PVD Weight
Captain Sterling (Prototype) Orange Case+Black PVD Weight

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