[GB] Momoka Matsuri PBT Keycaps

The group buy for Momoka Matsuri Keycaps has begun!
Momoka is a brand new keycap manufacturer that created brand new OEM molds, resulting in super crisp, defined keycap edges and a stem that has a perfect fit onto switches.

Join Group Buy Here: Momoka Matsuri Keycaps [Group Buy] | Flashquark

This set comes with 144 keycaps that make the set compatible with a variety of different sized boards such as 60%, 64, 68, 84, 87, and obviously full-sized boards. Check out the all keycaps sizes in the last pic from the link above.

The keycaps are made with PBT plastic material, but are unique in that they do not have that rough, scratchy surface that is usually associated with PBT keycaps.
We are offering this group buy to all locations internationally. Shipping is $5 everywhere. (Choose the cheaper of the two shipping options shown in your cart while checking out)
This group buy runs until September 15, 2021.


Momoka’s getting pretty confident when it comes to the west, eh? Good to see!

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Not a fan of the color scheme, but I love that fishy enter novelty :slight_smile: :fish:


For good reason too! PBT keycaps have a both a good and bad rep- good for the its wear resistance but bad for its tendency to warp. Momoka keycaps get the best of both worlds.