[GB] Moonstone and Shocked Desk Mats

Hello everyone, Greg from Desk Cookies here! We’d like to thank everybody that participated in our interest check for our Moonstone and Shocked desk mats. The mats were designed by the co-owner Nick, who goes by blackriver35 in the keyboard community. We made changes to the designs based on feedback and are very happy with how they turned out. The samples arrived and the group buy is now live! We’d like to apologize ahead of time to international customers for the high shipping prices, but unfortunately these are the prices we get from USPS. As we grow we hope to eventually work with a fulfillment center for international orders.

Here is the link to the group buy page: https://deskcookies.com/collections/group-buys


  • Size: 900mm x 400mm
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Stitched Edges and Non-slip Rubber Base
  • Group Buy Date: 10/22 - 11/22
  • Expected Ship Date: Q1 22

Below you can find pictures of the different mats. Once again we’d like to thank everyone and we hope you enjoy the designs as much as we do!

Moonstone V2

Neutral Moonstone

Blue Shocked