[GB] Mün keyboard by RGBKB

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Group buy schedule:

  • Begin: Dec 1st
  • End: Dec 29th
  • Ship: April 2021

Mün is a new split keyboard designed from the layout contest held in late 2019. Zappycobra submitted the most popular layout, which has been developed into a full-featured keyboard kit. Mün is powered by STM32 with full QMK support. Each key has super-bright RGB backlighting and MX Kailh hotswap sockets. No soldering is required to get a fully functioning keyboard. There are an additional 14 rear-facing RGB LEDs on each side. Each half can be configured to run as master or slave with the two USB-C ports. They also support up to two rotary encoders and one OLED panel per half. The bottom allows for 4 different tenting orientations using standard cone feet. Plates can be gasked-mounted with included 3D-printed dampers, or hard mounted with included standoffs.

Kit includes:

  • Set of hotswap PCBs, with presoldered controller, components, and LEDs
  • Front touchbar PCBs, a video on the page shows their 5 functions
  • Pair of plates, your choice of material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Carbon Fiber
  • Mounting hardware and bumpon feet
  • 3D-printed rubber plate dampers
  • CNC’d anodized aluminum frame
  • Switch puller

RGBKB now also has switches, cables and keycaps available to include with your keyboard!

As always, you can come join the discord to discuss or ask any questions.

Thanks everyone!


Saw this earlier in the month after you launched it but just wanted to let you know I think the board is gorgeous. If I were looking to give a split a shot right now, I’d be all over this: the value seems great, there’s some really interesting new features (the touchbar is super interesting imo), y’all have delivered well before, and the design is beautiful. All seems like a slam dunk to me!

Great board.
I am about to buy it, but as we are shortly before Christmas I need to check my wallet first