[GB] Neuron - A Premium 40% Keyboard

Hey KeebTalk,

Neuron Group-Buy will be open until Nov. 1st at midnight! Everything is well above MOQ already and going smoothly. Treat yourself to a premium 40% board. :slight_smile:


Aluminum Case Color Renders:

Prototype Album
Polycarbonate Sound Test
Aluminum Sound Test


  • 2.5 degree case. No top and bottom halves, the entire case is a single piece to maximize thock.
  • Case available in aluminum or polycarbonate for the same price.
  • Aluminum case color options: Cool Ranch, Gamer Grrl, Drank, Space Grey and Bushido Red. (Renders by the talented u/MetallicCharles2.)
  • Top-mount plate available in 1.5mm sandblasted brass, 1.5mm sandblasted polycarbonate, or laser-cut 3mm clear acrylic.
  • 5mm thick sandblasted brass weight with NEURON engraving. Aluminum prototype is 2lbs 6oz.
  • QMK-compatible black PCB designed by Worldspawn; on-board atmega with USB-C.
  • No LEDs. No in-switch or RGB. Sorry gamers.
  • Supports full-size 6.25u or 2.25u / 2.75u split space layouts. (Supported Layouts.)
  • By popular request, a sandblasted brass ortholinear plate will be offered as an add-on for $40, but you must provide your own PCB. Compatible with the Panc40 Anconda or Niu Mini PCBs. (Supported Ortho Plate Layouts)

Group-Buy Info

  • GB will stay open until midnight on November 1st in an open format. Everyone who fills out the form will be invoiced. If you don’t receive in invoice within 12 hours, PM me!
  • Expected turnaround time from the factory is approximately 3 months assuming no delays or issues.
  • One RNG-selected order will receive a Golden Ticket! If you are the recipient of this Golden Ticket, your entire order will be refunded. If you’re the lucky order, all you have to do is post a picture of your ticket on Reddit, Geekhack, Instagram, etc. and tag me in the post to verify.
  • Unpaid invoices older than a week will receive a reminder every Friday until paid.


  • All kits are $229.99 + tax + $20 shipping CONUS, regardless of case or plate material choice. Just provide switches and caps! International shipping will be evaluated based on USPS quotes, but PM me to make alternative international shipping arrangements.
  • Extra plates available for $40/ea.
  • Extra PCBs for $30/ea.
  • EVA foam inserts for between PCB and plate for $15/ea.

Fill out this form to enter the GB!

For my sanity’s sake, please only enter when ready to pay. Thanks!

Want to talk to other 40% keyboard users and follow the Neuron project more closely? Check out the 40% Discord! There are additional pictures, soundtests, and frequent updates in the #neuron-gb channel!



This ain’t the board for me but I just want to congratulate you on Drank and Cool Ranch; both the colors and the names are fantastic


If only money were a bit less tight. This layout is amazing for a smaller board, and I find the aesthetics very pleasing!

Super hyped for this board. This will be my endgame, for now

lol thanks. i admit i got a bit decadent with the naming, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity

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thanks! high praise

The names for the color ramps in the design system for my company are:

  • Purple Stuff
  • Squeezit
  • Sunny D
  • Mello Yello
  • Ecto Cooler
  • Capri Sun

So I’m well-versed in going over the top with naming :sweat_smile:

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lol those names rule. salute :ok_hand:

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And the form says:

Does that mean I can only participate in this GB if I have a PayPal account? If so, that would be a bummer.

Or is it just for the e-mail address to submit to PayPal for the link to pay the invoice with a credit card?

Yes, I believe a PayPal account is required to pay, but this is by far the standard for pre-orders and group-buys in the community. Making an account is quite painless. I invoice via PayPal, which provides buyer protection for you and payment processing and invoicing resources for me. If you are unwilling to make a PayPal, PM me with why and with alternatives.

Unfortunately yes — but luckily only for those group-buys not handled by bigger dealers.

Yeah, because they make paying with CC but without account deliberately a pain. I regularly have to fiddle with the URL to be able to checkout in online shops without PayPal account even if the shop owner claims that it works without account.

Thanks for the offer. Will think about it.

About the why: I refuse to become a customer of PayPal for multiple reasons:

  • They already destroyed or at least nearly destroyed several ambitious projects by not paying them out their money for months. The Neo900 mobile phone is the one case I remember very well. But over the time I stumbled over further cases where I already forgot again the details.
  • They’re a monopolist.
  • I still want to be able to regard any mail claiming to be from PayPal as spam.
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These are fair points and I respect your decision. I am agnostic to other options; happy to work things out on other platforms.

Last day to join the GB! We are almost at 100 orders! Form will close at midnight CST on Nov 1st. Thanks for everyone who has supported the project :slight_smile: Deeply thankful this has done as well as it has. :heart: