[GB] NoFaff macropad

hi keebfolk!
I’m Kfir, and i’ve made an open hardware macropad which i would like to share with you.


The main features on this keyboard (except for being ascetically pleasing IMO :smile:) is that it has a small footprint and it is super easy to program the layers AND LEDs per key for easy pattern recognition. i’ve developed that over a couple of months into Vial.
see an example here.

over the months of making this i’ve got to the point now, where i’ve validated it for manufacturing, and this keyboard is essentially ready to be sold for who ever wants it.

This is where you coming in, i would love to hear your feedback and thoughts
on it. I would like to do a group buy for 150 boards in the near future.

so if you have any thoughts, please share them with me.
if you are interested in buying it feel out the IC form

more details (use cases CAD EDA video editing and so on… ) can be found on the shop page
or join the Discord if you want to speak to me directly.
email is also fine.
source at sourcehut

Thank you for your time. :smile:


Hey all :slight_smile:
i’ve let the IC ran a bit longer then planned. as the over all interest was low.
i’m still moving forward with the group buy on 1.9.22 to get the boards to those who want them.

The shop page link above isn’t working for me…

Did you have an estimated price for the macro pad?

The design looks great! Very clean.

fixed. i didn’t notice that the link didn’t work.
125 euro would be the price.

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The buy links are now live at my shop
only 150 units will be available. order early if you want to get one.


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