[GB] Noxary 268.2 Polycarbonate (Open)

Thought I’d post this here, and join in the fun.

This is my attempt at improving 268. Tiny tweaks in most places, but overall should be a better board.


  • 8 Degrees Base Angle
  • Top Mounted Plate
  • Custom Red USB-C QMK PCB
  • 15mm Front Face
  • Polycarbonate Case, Brass Weight
  • 30 Frosted White, 5 Frosted Pink


  • Brass 1.5mm
  • Brass 5mm
  • Polycarbonate 1.5mm
  • Polycarbonate 5mm

Layout Guide:

Lead time is about 7-8 weeks, although it’s probably going to be longer.

Can be found @ shop.noxary.co



GOOD board

I would get this but I’m saving for the XRF. :blush:


Might have the design done this week :zipper_mouth_face:

Been close for a while, but really wanted to go back and have a proper, final attempt before ordering the first one.

This is really tempting. Hopefully this can hold up until my paycheck next week. :grimacing:

this’ll be my first PC case. looking forward to this. but not till we get the X60-R :smiley:

Probably will. Still 10 or so left over :slight_smile:

What do you mean about X60 R?

Bruh need RGB PCB…need plz…lol :kissing_heart:

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simply meant i’m looking forward to getting the X60 R first.


I didn’t make the connection between the names :sweat_smile:

Yes! I’m so on this!

Hey @xondat, can you comment on how polycarb vs brass plate feels like vs a typical aluminum plate? I went with the 5mm polycarb plate just to go with the polycarb case but is there any real big diff in feel of the brass plate?

Good to have you onboard :slight_smile:

So in stiffness/hardness, soft to hard, it’s:

Polycarbonate 1.5mm, Polycarbonate 5mm, Brass 1.5mm, Aluminum 1.5mm, Brass 5mm

Brass & Aluminum 1.5mm are very close however. If you enjoy either of those, but desire something slightly softer, then I’d say Polycarbonate 5mm is the perfect pick.

And it’s gone, Feelsbad. Hope everyone enjoys their boards.

That was odd timing.

I just took everything off so I can make the slots preset :slight_smile:

If you want to join, lmk.

@xondat Hey after thinking about it and talking to Huey a little, I think I might want to go with the brass plate instead of the polycarb plate. I’m still somewhat unsure but is it possible to change my order and is there a cutoff date to make the decision?

Reading that’s made me think. I really don’t know which I’d say is softer between 1.5 brass and Alu (in the same mount style), I think maybe brass sounds softer but Alu feels softer?

I’m going to have to experiment tomorrow now.

FFS Xondat.

Hello sir how will this compare to a corsair k63 wireless? Will this have BLE enable on the PCB since it is plastic case?

Thank you.

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