[GB] Programmable Vintage PCBs - Omnikey, AT101, Z-150

I ran a GB a few months ago for Omnikey replacement PCBs, and after fixing some of the issues with the older varients of the board, I am now running a second round.
This round also included the AT101 and Z-150 PCBs I have designed recently.

This GB will open on 7/2 at 5pm central time and close on 7/23 at midnight central time.(New end date)
Invoices will be sent out once I receive your order and are due on receipt. Once the GB closes I will refund the extra amount paid for any price drops hit. Failure to pay by 7/27 at midnight central time, will black list you from future GBs. I don’t want to have the same issues I had with the Nexus slider GB, so this is how it will be done.

Boards will take 2-4 weeks to arrive at my door. From there I will ship them out within 1 to 2 weeks depending on how many PCBs are ordered.


Can’t put any more because the forum won’t let me…

Omnikey PCB:
*10 - $66
*15 - $53
*20 - $46
*30 - $36
*40+ - $33

AT101 PCB:
*10 - $65
*15 - $51
*20 - $45
*30 - $35
*40+ - $31

Z-150 PCB:
*5 - $85
*10 - $56
*15 - $43
*20 - $39
*30 - $30
*40+ - $27

*110 - $5
*140 - $6

Tai-Hao spacebar stab inserts: (to use alps stab wires on cherry stab cap mounts. Invoiced separately after GB ends)
*1 set - $5(estimate as price drops with more orders)

*US - $15
*International - $15 to $25 via first class package

Order Form:
https : // goo . gl / forms / Ayiuc56LBBcvK2sS2
^sorry for that, not sure why I can’t post links…makes it a pain to get orders if I can’t do that.


Discourse seems to have a reputation system that it locks some features behind. Here is the fixed link for you:

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Just found this GB. Are you considering doing a third round? I’d like an Omnikey pcb or two if you do.

I will probably never run the omnikey again…This round no one bought one, so I don’t expect to run them given this rounds experience, Sorry.

That’s a shame. I liked the dense layout with the left side cluster and the filled out space above the arrows. I was going to make a custom board with it.

Well, if you do any group buy again, please consider including the Omnikey. What’s the worst that can happen? You don’t meet the minimum and cancel?

I have an extra round 1 PCB if you would want that instead. It doesn’t lineup with all omnikey variants, but seeing as you want it for a custom that doesn’t matter. Let me know, they were $34.

As well the reason I won’t run again, is I barely even make sales and it is more headache than I would like. I may run through a vendor to get more exposure in the future but that is uncertain atm.

That’s sounds good. PM me your paypal address and I’ll send the payment.

No, I get that. Replacement PCBs for vintage boards is a niche nested three layers down. Well, maybe if my project works out, you could market the board to a broader audience.

will there be more runs of this in the future? or will the PCB files be released? i have 2x AT101 upcoming builds and would love to upgrade the PCB for them.

I gave the files to a friend who might run them again but I myself will not run them.

okok thanks for the direction :slight_smile: i guess i will just need to keep my eyes open for news on this if it happens. I really want to grab at least 2x AT101 and 1x Z-150 PCB, one day.