[GB] Reactor Keycap Group Buy

Hi Guys,

Here are the details of the GB. Please check and fill in the form to join.
GB is live. If you would love to join GB, please search “reactor keycaps” on reddit, find the link in “keycap” subreddit.

Spes:Cherry/OEM R4
Materials: CNC+Resin
Color: Blue, Orange, Purple
GB Opens: Feb. 13, 2020 - Feb 23, 2020.
Collecting payment: Feb.23 2020 - Feb.28 2020
MOQ: 30
Price: US$39.99/Keycap
Shipping: about US$5 for 1-3 keycaps, US$8 for 4-8 keycaps. Will confirm when send out invoice.
Estimated Delivery: March 2020

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