[GB] SA 420 - A 40% Only Keyset

SA 420

A rerun of the classic DSS 420, this set includes coverage for most major 40% keyboards. This time around, 420 will be done in 2-shot ABS SA profile from Signature Plastics. Using 1-2-3-4-3 sculpt for the base kit, SA 420 also incorporates convex keys for all the space bars. There’s even a mod colored convex spacebar kit available. And for the more adventurous connoisseur, try a Dimebag featuring the 420 novelty in all SA R3. Pricing for the kits are as follows:

40% Basekit: $150 (MoQ 50)
Alt Spacebars: $45 (MoQ 25)
Dimebag (all SA R3): $20 (unlimited)
Smol Mods (all SA R3): $40 (MoQ 25)


Dark Green: VV
Light Green: VAT
Basekit Sculpt: 1-2-3-4-3
2-shot ABS SA profile from Signature Plastics
GB period: 9/18/23 - 10/15/23
Manufacturing time: 20 weeks from payment of invoice
Estimated shipping period: late March 2024/Early April 2024 (Just in time for 4/20)


I added the Smol Mods kit to the store. I’m dropping MoQ down to 25 for the spacebars kit. The Smol Mods will have an MoQ of 25, as well. If you need to adjust your current order, let me know. Please don’t make a duplicate order, it makes shipping easier later. Those 2 kits will basically run at cost, so we can meet MoQ on them. I appreciate the support so far and can’t wait to get these made and in your hands.

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Sorry guys, but I had to pull the plug on the group buy. Sales were way off from what we should be at at this point and there hasn’t been much traction in a few days. I’ll regroup and let you guys know what the next move will be. Thanks for the support. :heart:


I love this set and there really are not many if any cannabis keycap sets and thats a shame, however I really wish it would have been a 100% set or at least an option to expand to it. This is why I didnt consider it and I have a feeling it was probably the same reason for most others, I had at least 2 other friends that passed for this same reason. I would totally support another set even with maybe stoner phrases or a burning joint for a spacebar but I would truly appreciate it with all keyboard option layouts as an option, at least the 40% - 100%

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I appreciate the feedback. This set was intended for the 40% segment, but I’m considering larger boards during the regroup on this set. I want to make an SA set, so stay tuned. I have some work ahead of me. :wink:


Yeah I agree with @AllThonkNoClack, if this would’ve had options to cover more than 40s I believe you would’ve got a lot more traction with it. I was interested as well until I realized it was a 40s only set.

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Looking forward to it!

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