[GB] SA Bla_ks (Black & White Blanks) - Open 'til January 6

Est. Shipping to You: Early April 2019, produced by Signature Plastics.

Order Via:

Shopify: https://missing-key.myshopify.com/
Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/3rEVxWANEjlbNyLB3

Are you frustrated with so many symbols and legends on your keyboard? Are all the colors on your keycaps confusing you, blinding you, or making you nauseated? Do you know where the all the keys are anyway? Do you really wish you had some SA caps with split space, 40’s, ISO Enter, and / or otho support OUT OF THE BOX?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I HAVE THE PRODUCT FOR YOU: BLANK KEYCAPS!!!

Sculpted in 1-1-2-3-4-3: The most comfortable profile. Scientifically demonstrated.

Colors are:
Black - NN, the same color as SA Pulse.
White - WFK, the same color as SA Oblivion Hagoromo.

I’d recommend the Shopify for US folks, and the Google Form for international folks (since a proxy can show up and make shipping ‘different’).

Invoices will be sent to forms folks when their kits all reach MOQ. You will have a week to pay, or I will cancel your order (and become annoyed at you). Shipping will be billed later for these orders.

Jan 6: Orders close, Submit order to Signature Plastics for manufacturing.
8-12 weeks: Manufacturing.
1 week: Shipping to me.
2 weeks: Sorting / packing.
That puts us around April 8th roughly for shipping.

I’ll be ordering extras for a lot of the kits.

None lined up at the moment. Let me know if you want to proxy for a country.

60’s set
TKL set
40’s set
Ergo set
Ortho set

Current Numbers / MOQs:
Alpha Kits:
Alphas WFK
Alphas NN
Deep Dish WFK
Deep Dish NN
Deep Dish Alpha WFK
Deep Dish Alpha NN

Modifier Kits:
Standard Mods
65 Nav
Split Shifts

Bottom Row:
Spacebar 7u
Spacebar 6.25u
Spacebar 3u
Split Space
Hybrid Bottom Row
Winkey Bottom Row
Winkey-less Bottom Row

F-Row / Nav (TKL)
ISO Enter

If you don’t see a kit, or want something weird, please ask. I won’t change existing kits, but I can add new ones. (e.g., I added Ergodox and Numpad so far.)


Order Via:

Shopify: https://missing-key.myshopify.com/
Google Form: SA Blanks

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Current Numbers / MOQs:
Alpha Kits:
Alphas WFK: 4 / 50
Alphas NN: 7 / 50
Deep Dish WFK: 2 / 25
Deep Dish NN: 5 / 25
Deep Dish Alpha WFK: 0 / 5
Deep Dish Alpha NN: 0 / 5

Modifier Kits:
Standard Mods: 6 / 25
65 Nav: 4 / 25
40’s: 4 / 15
Ortho: 3 / 25
Split Shifts: 5 / 25
ErgoDox: 4 / 15

Bottom Row:
Spacebar 7u: 5 / 15
Spacebar 6.25u: 3 /15
Spacebar 3u: 1 /15
Split Space: 4 / 25
Hybrid Bottom Row: 0 / 15
Winkey Bottom Row: 2 / 25
Winkey-less Bottom Row: 6 / 15

F-Row / Nav (TKL): 3 / 25
Numpad: 0 / 15
ISO Enter: 1 / 15

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Added Sets:
60’s set
TKL set
40’s set
Ergo set
Ortho set

If you order via the shopify link does that mean your set will be made?
Just wondering if ordering via shopify guarantees a set or not.

No, if we don’t meet Moq, I’ll just refund all the orders.

Shopify just makes it so I don’t have to invoice everyone, wait for everyone to pay, etc. , just the special cases (int’l).


Get your orders in! :slight_smile:

EU proxy, mykeyboard.eu, is coming along, but not ready yet. This is mostly my fault. Sorry.


EU Proxy is Open: https://mykeyboard.eu/catalogue/category/sa-blanks-gb_132/

Sweet just put in my order. I hope I made it in time.

The GB was extended to Jan 13 due to the EU proxy appearing a bit late, so I think you should be ok. https://www.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/comments/addew8/gb_sa_bla_ks_black_white_blanks_update_6_moq_hit/

I’m planning to put in a order via mykeyboard.eu soon.

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