[GB] SA Calm Depths



I am pleased to announce that the Group Buy for SA Calm Depths is launching today! This set is very relaxing to type on and pairs especially well with metallic frame keyboards - specifically silver and black models.

It is available at the Group Buy price of $109.99.


USA - Kono Store
Europe - Mykeyboard.eu (Link will be posted later)
China - zFrontier (Link will be posted later)

SA Calm Depths is the first set that really inspired me to take up keyboard photography - specifically with this picture.

SA Calm Depths was created as a community effort led by CalmB4tehPwn. However - it is actually shockingly difficult to acquire an SA Calm Depths keycap set today, so I am taking the initiative in launching a group buy. The goal with this group buy will be to hit the MOQ of 250 sets so that we can seek to make this beautiful keycap set more generally available.

Keycap Set:

Here are some pictures that I took of the set we have in the office.

We launch on March 7th, 2019 and the group buy will run through April 12th, 2019. Production is estimated to take 10-12 weeks and shipping is currently expected to occur in July 2019. This set will be produced by Maxkey and logistics will be coordinated through Kono Store, Mykeyboard.eu and zFrontier.

For additional information - please check out the respective Group Buy pages!

Thank you to everyone for your interest in this set - I hope you like it!


Does this keycap show any keyboard backlightiing if there is RGB


It’s not shine-through, no.