[GB] SA SAIL // Last day, ends TONIGHT!

Hello and welcome to the GB for SA SAIL !

In case you don’t already know, this set is based on the SAIL ( Stanford AI Lab ) keyboard created by Les Earnest, inventor of the Finger protocol. SAIL itself was started by John McCarthy, inventor of the LISP programming language. The SAIL keyboard inspired the Knight keyboard, which in turn inspired the LISP Machine CADR and Space Cadet keyboards. The keyboard features beautiful teal keycaps and a mix of APL and Greek top legends, as opposed to the Space Cadet keyboard where the Greek legends are on the front of the keys. The SAIL keyboard also introduced the META and TOP keys.

GB will run from March 1-27 with the following vendors:

US : NovelKeys
Canada : DeskHero
EU : MyKeyboard
Asia : iLumkb
Oceania : DailyClack

Estimated shipping is November 2020.








A simple, PCB-inspired deskmat will be offered alongside the set in 2 flavors: Green Hi-Contrast and Black Monochrome.

Green Hi-Contrast

Black Monochrome


I ended up with fewer SA Godspeed kits just so I could get in on this. Awesome work with the colours and legends!

Good luck with the group buy!

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Thank you for your support!

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I’ve been down with the set since the first time I saw it, but this is the first I seen that awesome desk pad! It definitely needs to come in Sail’s colors first, but have you thought of doing them in other colorways? I’d personally buy a few of that design if other colors were also available, the monochrome version almost pops more than the color matched one IMO!

Interesting suggestion and something to think about!

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I know the GB already started and I will likely pick it up, but…

It is super a shame that there is no spacebar kit since Signature Plastics is the only place that has molds for 3, 4, 4.5 and all the other odd sizes in SA profile…

Responded in the GH thread: [GB] SA SAIL // Complete

First week numbers courtesy of Dvorcol:

These numbers are actually already outdated as of last night. Overall, a pretty decent first week, especially considering some fierce competition from GMK this month. We are on course to hit MOQ with most kits, but Ergo Blanks and 40s Extension are going to need a little help. Both deskpads have hit their MOQ and will be produced. Thank you for all your support so far!


Second week numbers from Dvorcol. These include some extras and not all vendors have updated their numbers:

If any of you guys follow NovelKeys or myself on Instagram, you might have seen that all kits will be produced. So if you fancy this set, order with confidence and lock in yours at GB price!

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Got mine in through deskhero. Super pumped for this!

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Just popping in to remind everyone that this GB will end in a few days this Friday, March 27. Currently trying to get some updated numbers from my vendors, but all kits will be made. Thank you for all your support!


Today is the last day to order your set at GB prices!

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I’m a bit late to this. Is it still possible in some way to buy one of these keyboards? They would be useful for running PDP-10 emulators with WAITS (the SAIL operating system) and also ITS.

This is just the keycaps. But there is a possibility to buy some extras when when the ppl that pre-order it have got theirs.

Necro time! :crazy_face:

I know I’m way too damn late on this set. So any plan for R2? @Fredington

@Fredington any pastability of DCS Sail :eyes: