[GB] ScrabblePad PCB


How did the packaging hold up? I was pretty confident in the solution I found but still want to be sure it worked out fine.


Packaging worked well. There were no defects on either the box or the boards inside.


Small update, over half the US orders are out as of last Friday, so we’re moving along. I’m having to split my time between these and OG Coil Cables, plus even with a counting scale loose diodes are ass to actually work with. 3/10, would not recommend loose diodes.


Some more orders went out this week, though I’m not sure if they’ll move much when most of NC is panicking about “the end of the world via watery wind”. Hoping to get the majority of the remaining US orders out this coming week and move onto the proxy orders.


Small update, orders that should have gone out Friday went out today because I had to go drag my granddad’s tractor out of the field Friday and it ate into the short amount of time the local post office has the desk open on Fridays.

Also, I don’t know if I ever actually posted about flashing the board or anything relevant to assembly. https://config.qmk.fm/#/scrabblepad/LAYOUT can be used to easily make a layout for the board. Hopefully when I’ve got time that isn’t taken up by OG Coils I can put more information for the board at the github page for it https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards/scrabblepad.


Update: The last of the US orders are shipped minus a couple unpaid stragglers. Currently working on packing the EU orders and bulk shipment invoices should be out tomorrow or Friday.


Status update: Australia orders are out, Canada orders are out, two US orders are waiting for payment before they can go out, EU proxy order is waiting for one to pay before it can be shipped. Other than that GB orders are complete. I’ll be waiting until I can get those orders out and hear back from the proxies before putting the extras up for grabs.


EU orders are out today, as soon as I hear they arrive fine I’ll begin working on extras when I can dig up the spare time.


Some extras will be going up this week. The link will be https://donutcables.com/product/scrabblepad-pcb-extras/ which isn’t currently live. I’m only putting up a certain amount until I confirm that the EU orders reached their destinations ok, after which the rest will be up. Maybe after these are done there could be a potential discussion of a round 2 of sorts? :stuck_out_tongue:


Extras are now available

Edit: there was a small issue with shipping calculation, but I’ve adjusted it and it should be resolved now.