[GB] ScrabblePad PCB

Welcome to the GB thread for the ScrabblePad PCB, an accompaniment to the Novelkeys/JOlimon Scrabble Board case as well as a standalone meme macro pad of ridiculous proportions!

Order link(works for mobile!) - https://goo.gl/forms/OYq6LbMp7FRrbMFA3

Current features are as follows:

  • 15x15 matrix for 225 total switches
  • NKRO capable with supported firmware
  • Teensy++2.0 equivalent controller
  • QMK/TMK and other firmware compatible
  • SPI and I²C breakouts
  • MicroSD reader and TRRS port footprints
  • RGB strip header
  • Expansion pin breakouts
  • 16 total mounting points for flex-free mounting to a PCB plate for standalone usage

Example of using a second PCB as a plate for standalone operation

There are several sets of components in this GB and I’ll outline them below in some detail with their pricing:

  • PCB
    This is a bare PCB that requires a minimum of a controller and diodes to function. A second PCB and the Mounting Pack can be used to replace the need for a case. Price points are as follows:
    5 units - $20/ea
    10 units - $19/ea
    15 units - $18/ea
    20 units - $17/ea
    25 units - $16.5/ea
    30 units - $16/ea
    50 units - $15.5/ea
    75 units - $13.5/ea
    100 units - $12/ea
    500 units - $9/ea

  • Diodes
    Standard 1N4148 diodes, come in packs of 250, enough for the board and some extras to account for defects, mistakes, and dropping them. Diode price points are as follows:
    10 packs - $4/ea
    40 packs - $3.15/ea
    80 packs - $2.7/ea

  • Controller
    The controller I’m offering for this drop is a Teensy++2.0 equivalent. Functionally the same and able to utilize the Teensy.exe app or QMK Toolbox for flashing. Included with the controller is a stick of 40 header pins to solder it to the PCB. As part of ordering this controller through me I will pre-flash a default map, test for mapping and functionality, and remove the LED on pin D6 which is a required mod for use in this board.
    $13.25/ea(half the price of a “normal” Teensy++2.0)

  • Mounting Pack
    The Mounting Pack includes the hardware necessary to mount a second PCB to the bottom of the board to work as a plate/case for the board if you don’t have the Novelkeys/JOlimon case. Included are 20 bumpons, 18 7mm standoffs, and 36 screws, enough for the board and a few extras in case you drop any or the cat decides they make good toys.
    Price for the Mounting Pack is:
    10 packs - $2.50/ea
    50 packs - $2/ea

Planned GB period run dates are from 6/25 to 7/16. Orders will be processed to invoices the following week. Production timeline is expected to be <1month after payment is received. PCBs themselves should take 1-2weeks, components could take up to 3 weeks from the order date to ship to me.

Shipping will be invoiced separately. Proxies for other countries will be made available if there is the numbers to support them. CONUS orders should be able to ship via First Class, Intl orders will ship either Intl First Class or via proxies. We currently have a volunteer proxy for Australia while the others are undetermined currently.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything important.

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Mostly up to date graph from dvorcol, current numbers are slightly over that but within the same price brackets.

I’m in-- looking forward to a midi pad with jailhouse zealistotles :open_mouth:

Status update via dvorcol’s graph.

Current numbers

Heads up, the GB ends 07/16, so if you want in, it’s time to mosie on over and hop in!

Updated quantities since we hit the 75 unit price drop on the PCB.

any chance I can add a mount kit to my order or is it too late?

Got one added for you.


I can’t help but notice that this doesn’t include a 4-pack of 7-key PCBs.


Forgot to mention here, GB form is closed and invoices are out, so check your emails.

Alright, after a bit of friendly persuasion all the invoices are paid. Our final numbers after some adjustments:

PCBs - 86
Diode Packs - 65
Controllers - 68
Mounting Packs - 41

I’ll begin preparing to submit payment to the vendors and hope to submit the orders early this coming week for fast turnaround.

Got the first components in the mail today

30k diodes, or approximately 3kg of them. Time to split them into the 250 packs for the GB by hand :crying_cat_face:

Another small update, received the box of controllers today, so soon I’ll be able to start working my way through testing them, flashing a base layout, and removing the LED from them since D6 is part of the matrix.

PCBs are currently in shipment along with a few of the components, so seems everything is moving along as anticipated.

Received some ABSOLUTE UNITS in the mail

Shown here along with controllers and complimentary donut foot.

I’m planning on getting a solid chunk of the orders out this week, so keep an eye out for shipping invoices.




God dang that thing must weigh a ton

Got mine in the mail. Be a little while before I build something with it, so I wont have build pics quite yet.

donutcat, if you ever put individually addressable RGB leds on this thing, it’s be amazing for playing Snake or maybe Asteroids with. I’d definitely make another purchase.