[GB]Seaside - Keyboard Wrist rest

Hi everyone,

This is our first product being introduced in the community. We are currently having a sale on this model for first week release. All suggestions are welcome =)

You can get our products at: Seaside Wrist rest – Moon Key

Moonkey Group-buy open: Seaside keyboard Wrist Rest

Vietnam is famous for our coastal line with charming palm trees beaches full of life above and below seawater. All the worries in the world would disappear after a walk along a white sand seaside out-looking a peaceful aquatic world.
Inspired by our artist’s hometown Nha Trang, a beautiful seaside town in Southern Vietnam, our new Seaside Wrist Rest hope to bring you the same feeling of calmness and relaxation that a trip to the beach would entail.
Our enchanting Seaside Wrist Rest is made up of three layers: a layer of clear blue sea water covering a gorgeous layer of smooth untouched white sand, and finished with a transparent layer of resin. Each Wrist Rest is drawn and designed by hand uniquely to guarantee individuality.

Material: Resin, sand, acrylic colors.

Group-buy information

  • Open time: 7/27/2019
  • Close time: 8/04/2019
  • Starting to Deliver after Groupbuy: 70-90 days
  • We could close the GB sooner than expected.

3 sizes:

  • Size S: 60cm : 30x7x1.7cm
  • Size M: TKL:36x7x1.7cm
  • Size L: 96, 1800, full size: 44x7x1.7cm


  • Size S: $74 – Shipping $18
  • Size M: $79 – Shipping $24
  • Size L: $84 – Shipping $26

All artwork photographed as accurately as possible, although variations in individual PC monitor hues make it impossible for every artwork to look EXACTLY the same on every PC.

Shipping times are only approximate and may vary. Packages can be delayed by import customs or shipping services – we can not guarantee delivery dates.

Thank you for your interest!


Hmmm this makes me want another wrist rest even though I already have too many :joy:

the sand looks really nice. considering… :stuck_out_tongue: