[GB] [SHIPPED] Fjell Classic Round 4


Price $300 including a mirror polished brass plate of your choice(ISO or ANSI).

Extra plates will cost $26, extra plates without kit will cost $40.

It does cost a bit to send a 2kg+ case with express around the world, so there might be some other shipping services available this time around. This will be announced when you go to check out, and find another option for shipping or not.

Design updates

You will be able to completely remove the spacebar and middle mounting points. This is to ensure compability with hotswap PCBs, and for those that prefer a more flexible typing experience. The inserts will be made in brass or titanium, depending on results from factory testing.

Other updates:
slight mounting changes
slight USB hole changes


What is this case?
It is a tray mount case for 60 percent mechanical keyboards that follow the standarized Poker mounting. It has a weight of 2kg, or approx. 4.4 lbs.

Why $300 for a tray mount case?
This cost as much, or more to produce than most other 60% cases, tray mount or top mount. The beveled edges takes time to get right, the weight design is complex and the amount of material in this case is quite unique. It also has more features than a standard 60% case, like the removable screw posts and includes a plate.

How does it sound?
Typing test by Taeha Types

When does it ship?
2 months after GB end

How many units will be available?
About 100 units.

How long will the GB stay open for?
Depending on how fast things sell, usually a week or two.

What is the difference between this and the ALF DC60 / Kbdfans 5 degree?
Everything is different, it is not comparable as a mechanical keyboard case.

Dark Grey is decided, and Ultramarine Blue is decided. There will be more colors announced.
Discussing if E-white is going to be an option for a price increase.

Launching in

It will be available here.


The test inserts are made and tested. It showed that brass is the best material to use in this case :slight_smile: .


What is the difference between this and the ALF DC60 / Kbdfans 5 degree?
Everything is different, it is not comparable as a mechanical keyboard case.

This doesn’t really answer much.

The removable center mounts are a cool idea, and the weight is an interesting shape, but I don’t really see the value here.

Thicker bezels, heavier overall, more elaborate weight design, removable standoffs, promise of better final finish. I might be overlooking something, but I believe those are the bullet points you are seeking.


Also better acoustics, and the most important part: the cred of owning a Fjell.


You are paying for a sound difference. This case is almost double the weight of the “Fjell copy”(ALF DC60), and even more than double the weight of the 5 degree case. The material is dispersed around the case which makes the sound go from a cheap pinging tray mount to a case which competes with some top mount boards.

The case has been regarded as having better finish and quality control(even though we had issues in R1, 2 years ago), better packaging, better compability and the fact that it was first on the market is nostalgic for many.

It includes a brass plate an individual serial numbers. Now also brass screw inserts for even more customisability.

Therefore I mean it’s not comparable at all to the other cases, which honestly people agree are very different. I didn’t include that text to inform, more to as an answer to some “individuals”. Sorry if it came out wrong.


oof not a fan of 60% but i want this in my collection! Hopefully I can get my hands on the blue one <3

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Removable center posts is a good idea :+1: Hopefully more (all) tray mount cases use this approach in the future.

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technically ALL center posts are removable with a dremel :slight_smile:


How fast are these going to go? Are we looking at Jane v2 fast?

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No. It will be many of th de available. It’ll be live a week at least.

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There is also a little surprise, however I need to make sure everything goes as it should first :slight_smile:


What’s the difference between the classic and the pro?

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The Fjell Classic is a tray mount/drop in case, the Fjell Pro is a top mount keyboard kit.
The Fjell Pro allows for HHKB layout.

I recommend that you read the FAQ.

This will hopefully make you understand how the new site is structured. If you have any questions, please just ask.

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Any samples of what the Magenta color will be like?

You can see the Magenta Klippes in the latest Mekanisk.co blog.. I’m sure the Fjell will be very similar to the color shown.

Hmm looks like Magenta has been replaced by Deep Purple now.
Page keeps changing closer and closer to the date, I wonder if this means the E-white option has been tabled.

E-white is postponed. Deep Purple and the other colors are described in the description, and renders.

We have a PCB now. Details are on Mekanisk.co.