[GB] Sho66 (fc660c) static capacitor shell is open

Hello, everyone. This time, we bring the replacement shell kit of the leopold fc660c to topre players. Let’s take a look at some pictures. The rendering technology is limited, so we can just take a look,

The following is the product introduction:
Housing 6063 aluminum alloy
Color: Anode silver
Anode Dark Blue
Anode wine red
Anode Army Green
Spraying powder
Spray cream white
Spray black
Pc semi transparent
Counterweights are all brass sandblasted
Price: anode plate 1800rmb
Sprayed version and pc 1900rmb
Products include: upper cover
Bottom shell
door mat
Compatible with ydkb and other ble bluetooth modules, the pc version has a battery compartment to store batteries for convenient use of bluetooth mode. The aluminum alloy version cannot be penetrated and used by Bluetooth signal, so it has no battery compartment and is compatible with mini usb and typec interfaces.
Group purchase time: as of December 15, 2022

Delivery time: 3 months after the deadline, usually in advance

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