[GB] Shōgoki Tactile Switches

Oh, another Evangelion EVA-01 themed switch is coming; this time a JWK tactile with 65g ThicThock DL springs. Noice.

Obviously these will look great with the upcoming GMK Mecha, and offer a nice alternative to the (also JWK) EV-01 linear switches for an EVA-01 build.


Looks really cool actually. I want these. Any NA vendor or is the group buy just from them? I know EV-01s are available on Kono so hopefully these will show up as well.

Apex Keyboards is the NA vendor for these.

EDIT: Here’s a direct link now that I’m inside and not typing on my phone with gloves.

EDIT2: For anybody wondering/not wanting to click through to find out, these have the same stem as the Rara switches. So a nice round long bump, smaller than an HP bump. Should be a good mid-tactility tactile, if that’s your jam.


Ooo, these look neat, too. The seem like Marshmallows that bottom-out on the center pole for a different sound.

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but…

They made a longer stem (for a linear) and to compensate for the longer stem they made a new bottom?


So how do you feel about these, having received some?

I was dubious about the 65 G weight on the Taro Ball. It detracted from the tactility, in my view, and could be more snappy as a 63.5 G switch if lubed carefully.

I did a goof when I ordered these, and ordered them from an Australian vendor instead of a US one… said vendor hasn’t even gotten them from the factory yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

How is that possible, UK orders is all out and doing extras already

The 65g spring without lubing is a bit to heavy for my taste, I haven’t try any other springs yet, but after lubing, including the legs, it feel nicer for me.

In terms of the bump I will say it feels like a stronger T1 with the bump located lower, so the tactility is more on the sharp side.

You will want to lube them rather than using them as stock as they have a lot of spring ping.

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Not sure - when I asked DailyClack what the status was, they said their warehouse hadn’t gotten them yet.

Ahh I’ve found DailyClack to be quite unreliable for international orders. I purchased 60x U4 stems from them and they only sent 58x. They said they’d send the missing pieces… well it’s been nearly 10 months and I’ve long given up on them