[GB] Shōgoki Tactile Switches

Oh, another Evangelion EVA-01 themed switch is coming; this time a JWK tactile with 65g ThicThock DL springs. Noice.

Obviously these will look great with the upcoming GMK Mecha, and offer a nice alternative to the (also JWK) EV-01 linear switches for an EVA-01 build.


Looks really cool actually. I want these. Any NA vendor or is the group buy just from them? I know EV-01s are available on Kono so hopefully these will show up as well.

Apex Keyboards is the NA vendor for these.

EDIT: Here’s a direct link now that I’m inside and not typing on my phone with gloves.

EDIT2: For anybody wondering/not wanting to click through to find out, these have the same stem as the Rara switches. So a nice round long bump, smaller than an HP bump. Should be a good mid-tactility tactile, if that’s your jam.


Ooo, these look neat, too. The seem like Marshmallows that bottom-out on the center pole for a different sound.

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but…

They made a longer stem (for a linear) and to compensate for the longer stem they made a new bottom?