[GB] Space65:CyberVoyager | 65% Custom Keyboard

Hey my keeb friends, after receiving great feedback and testing the prototypes via the Interest Check, it’s time SPACE65:CyberVoyager is ready for the Group Buy.

SPACE65:CyberVoyager is a keyboard based on the original Space65, it is redesigned by AirPotter, Oldcat, and Demos to make it a more awesome board. And we will be working together during the GB process.
I will primarily be the ground man responsible for designing, manufacturing, fulfillment, and update the progress.
And Oldcat will be coordinating with me for designing and communication, Demos responsible for the design and production of PCB.

Livestream build by Alexotos: Twitch, The time of the stream is around 7-7:30 pm ET on April 3, 2020.

[Key Features]

  1. Premium-quality and affordable 65% keyboard
  2. PCB: QType-C(Support C-C),QMK, ESD-protected, QMK
  3. Mounting Method: Top mount; with two noise and vibration reduction pads
  4. No switch leakage views from any angle
  5. Carbon fiber plate or Aluminum plate
  6. Manufacturer: gray studio and factory
  7. Keyboard Design: Airpotter & oldcat
  8. PCB Design: DEMO Studio

[Price (PayPal fees included)]
Base Kit $299 (all parts included, see picture below), Shipping fee is $40 worldwide via DHL Express International (typically 3-day to US or Canada)

Extra items for purchase:
1PCB: $42
LED Badge (single color):$10
1LED Badge Collector (With default nameplate,you will have 10 colors of LED Badge): $60
Aluminum Badge: $20
1Plate (Aluminum /Carbon Fiber): $25
Weight: $35
1Rubber feet (5 pieces): $1.5
Vibration reduction pad (compatible with R1 Space65):$9.5
1*Noise reduction pad (compatible with R1 Space65): $7.5

[Colors Options]

Color Options Image Library: https://imgur.com/a/XZ5sTa8

GB starts: April 3, 5:30 ET (The GB will be live for 2 weeks).
GB Fulfillment: Start fulfilling 3-5 months after GB payment collection, ships in order sequence.

[SPACE65:CyberVoyager Package Includes]
Each unit will include the following:
1x case, top and bottom
1x LED badge
1x weight
1x badge
1x L-shaped badge
1x PCB
1X LED diffuser
1x vibration reduction pad
1x noise reduction pad
1x screwdriver (graystudio brand)
1x instructional manual
Screws, rubber feet, LEDs, box designed by airpotter.

[Join the Group Buy]

Please visit Graystudio.club to join the Group Buy. Information and updates will be sync’d to Keebtalk on this page and various other channels such as Instagram.

Each board may not be 100% perfect but we will try our best to do it 100% perfectly.
Thanks all!

Links of interest
Follow graystudio on Instagram
Follow oldcat on Instagram
Chat on Discord Channel

Some pictures taken by Alexotos after his build stream:


If I could get that beige and ornage Schrodinger version you shared on instagram, I might convince myself to join a Group Buy during this apocolypse

Thanks brother. Stay safe!

I did it. I got the Schrodinger. Reece Conrad is the name the order is under just so you know :stuck_out_tongue: Just in case you happen to wonder who to send that beige/organge one to. I’m excited about a mystery color. I would worry that I might not have a keycap set to go with it… but then I remembered that I have a few hundred keycap sets…

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What does the schrodinger verison look like? I can’t quite find it on their insta

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It’s a random color option of his choosing. He’s posted a couple of ideas so far



The color case used in the Alexotos stream/video. Is that the RoboCop one?

By the way, in the last week, I have been having problems trying to reach your website. To be honest, this morning (EU Time), was the first time I could enter your website.

I love that orange+cream combo. Wish I could order it.


He seems to have a case from mixed parts.

The top case, bottom case, and weight all seem to be RoboCop.

The LED Badge should be black (not gray), the back badge should be white (not gold), and the front/right thing should be black (not gold).

It doesn’t fit with any of the kits, but I think he said it’s a sort of prototype.

Thank you so much for your answer! Too bad it’s a prototype. It looks really good. Especially with the GMK 8008.

Let me build this!


I bought the schrodinger version just on the off chance that I would get that combo :slight_smile: It’s beautiful.

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That’s sounds like a big gamble! :grimacing: I got the impression that it’s just a mix of the existing colors. :thinking:

But I wish you luck!

Me on the other hand ordered the keycaps without a suitable board or the slightest idea if I like SA. :upside_down_face:

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I mean, I have 40 or 50 or hell who knows how many keyboards. Might as well gamble on one that might be a funky color :slight_smile:

U should order one more for better odds then. :wink:

oh, that’s kinda brilliant!

Might be cheaper to get it painted by a pro tho… :thinking::grin:

Schrodinger is not a mix of the existing colors, but custom combinations like in the image above.

To quote Airpotter:

it will be one of the several (mysterious) new colorways I will experiment with and end up being happy with. It will not be one of the regular colorways and it is not random. It is just you won’t know the color before you observe it.

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That’s good to know.
But would I be able to return it and get a refund if I don’t get a color I like? :thinking:

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