[GB] Tind Series I - 60% Gasket Keyboard [SHIPPING]

Read this release paper on Mekanisk.com.

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Tind is a high-end keyboard with a custom molded self-aligning gasket system. The plate has total isolation. You just build your board, connect the daughterboard, throw it in and fasten the top from the bottom with screws.

The design of this keyboard started in 2017, right after Fjell R1 finished shipping. It has been a top mount, gasket mount, bottom mount, gasket mount(again) and I think I have finally found the recipe for a good silicone gasket keyboard. I want to have this mounting system available to use in future Mekanisk keyboards, and to finally prove that the solution works, is a huge milestone for me because it allows me to integrate gaskets in a good way into future designs, and develop good designs, faster.

The keyboard uses 12 custom molded bottom gaskets that support the plate from the bottom as well from the sides by letting the plate rest on them. This mean that no alignment is needed. There are 12 corresponding small silicone gaskets that push the plate down from the top at the same places and creates a firm grip for the plate. The plate is totally isolated from the rest of the case. The bottom silicone pieces are thicker than normal keyboard gaskets.

The plates are designed from the ground up to support the keyboard in the best possible way. These do not support switch top removal.

Specifications and features

60% keyboard
8 degree typing angle
Heavily chamfered edges with refined design
Low profile front height
Full gasket isolation mount and seamless design
New plate designs with mild relief cuts
Custom molded silicone pieces for the top, bottom and under.
USB-C Wilba PCB with a centered daughterboard
VIA compatible PCB
Each keyboard is serial numbered

This article is continues under the photos.


Factory photos

Prototypes and renders will differ from final product. There are already decided adjustments. Factory photos are low quality and will show artifacts not seen in real life.

Ultramarine: Beautiful Pantone 3035C inspired color. Blue with a hint of green.

Dark grey: Not the standard “warm gray”. This is a dark, cool gray. (Same as R1 grey)

Available in ISO or ANSI. Possible half plates in both material and layout options.

Sandblasted brass

Carbon fiber


Tind top piece (Ultramarine / Dark grey)

Tind bottom piece (Dark grey)

12x Custom Molded Mekanisk Silicone Gasket System bottom gaskets

12x Mekanisk Silicone Gasket System top gaskets

4x Custom Molded Mekanisk Viewfinder Silicone Bumpons

Mekanisk Gasket Plate in sandblasted brass / carbon fibre (+ $25) with ISO or ANSI layout support

WT60-? PCB with an USB-C daughterboard

All necessary screws and tools for assembly

Custom EVA foam, double cardboard shipping box.

Shipping will only be done via DHL Express directly from our factory. If you are in Norway, your order will be shipped from Norway. Shipping cost has increased in 2020, expect a higher shipping cost than you normally would. Your countries taxes are not included in the price unless you are in Norway.

We are aiming for a late June raffle, with September/October shipping. The raffle will be announced beforehand, and will not come as a surprise.

Why are there no blocked corners or winkeyless options?
We need to limit all options as much as possible for this keyboard, so for this round, only the standard layout will be available. The next round we will supply different options and might include both blocked corners and winkeyless layouts.

Will there be more color options?
Not this round.

What does gasket/isolation mount mean?
To me, it means that the plate is isolated from the rest of the case in some way. There are many different methods that are used to achieve this. We developed our own.

Approx 1400g with brass plate. Unbuilt.

The status of this project is added to MEKANISK.XYZ so you can keep yourself updated there.

Thank you for reading.


Looks great but almost $500 shipped for 60% is out of my range (I was thinking about the CF version)


This looks amazing, I’m sure it will be awesome, my fjell is easily one of my favorite keyboards I’ve ever used, but with covid and all I gotta echo the other guy and say I’m not tryna drop a big chunk of cash on another board right now… Will there be more rounds of this in the future?


I’ve held off on buying a klippe s, x, and fjell to buy this one. Looking forward to it. Did you ever try a more flexible plate? Curious if fr4 or polycarbonate would be nice or possibly too flexy for this mounting.


Ok if @pixelpusher is getting one I want one!

Hi. I will do some in depth testing before the raffle launch. The system is optimized for a plate that can support itself around the edges. Maybe half plates is a good option. Glad to have your support!

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I’ve been waiting since 2017 for this to happen. I’m ready.

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if I may ask, what makes it worth $500 shipped, when Polaris is $265 shipped? This is almost double of what Polaris is.



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Good question.

First of all, I think the Polaris was sold with extremely low profit margins. Correct me if I am wrong, but the creators have said they won’t run it like that again. It is still delivering after the first pre order. I need some sort of profit margins, I can’t sustain a business without them, and I couldn’t secure the buyer without them. I am not backed by one of the largest keyboard shops in our community.

The seamless design is expensive to produce, it has a large cover over the keyboard that has intricate parts and chamfers that bumps up the machining time a lot. The bottom piece does also have a lot of cuts that slows down the production.

The silicone gaskets have custom moulds, which are paid up front for. These moulds are expensive. The plan is that this new system will be one of the best on the market.

Kbdfans have a good shipping deal, they are a larger business with a lot of shipments every day. I simply can’t compete with that.

Wilba PCBs and royalties.

I hope I answered your question!


cheers man!
thanks for the reply!

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This keyboard will also use the new viewfinder bumpons custom moulded. These are even better and softer than the earlier ones


Damn innovating the bumpon game, this is next level keebing.


Those who win the raffle will be able to add the Mekanisk Ultramarine Stabilisers to their order as well.


Oooh, nice add-on

@LeandreN Are you eventually going to do a HHKB-style top after this first round? I’m contemplating waiting (even though it goes against my every impulse)

Yes, that is the plan for future rounds.